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Git Version Control and Projects - Michigan State University

SQL DATA TYPES IN SQLITE, IS 1 THE SAME AS 1.0? 1. Yes! 2. Yes? 3. No? 4. No! HUH? From "As an internal optimization, small floating point values with no

fractional component and stored in columns with REAL affinity are written to disk as integers in order to take up less space and are automatically converted back into floating point as the value is read out. This optimization is completely invisible at the SQL level and can only be detected by examining the raw bits of the database file." Cool! NULL NULL is a legal value in any column. It is outside the domain of any data type. It normally represents an absence of information or inapplicable value. Other uses (bad practice):

Nothing (Empty) False 0 Example: CREATE TABLE states (name TEXT, admissionToUnion INTEGER); INSERT INTO states ('Puerto Rico', NULL); INTEGER Signed integer up to 8 bytes long (64 bits)

From 170,141,183,460,469,231,731,687,303,715,884,105,728 to 170,141,183,460,469,231,731,687,303,715,884,105,727 Example: 1

REAL Signed 64 bit floating point From VERY BIG to VERY SMALL Can be specified as a decimal or exponential notation (using capital E) Examples:

1.0, 4.5, -6.0, .8 5.6E12.4, -0.05E-67 TEXT Text can be of any length, but it must be enclosed in single quotes Single quotes must be escaped with a single quote Example:

'', 'I''m a string' Many other databases give you access to fixed length TEXT or variable length TEXT below a certain character limit, be happy we are working with the best DBMS. WHAT IS THE BEST DATABASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE? 1. SQLite

2. SQLite! 3. SQLite!! 4. MySQL... Just Kidding, SQLite!!! 5. How much am I paying for this class again? DATE AND TIME TEXT as ISO8601 strings ("YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.SSS"). REAL as Julian day numbers, the number of days since noon in Greenwich on November 24, 4714 B.C. according to the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

INTEGER as Unix Time, the number of seconds since 197001-01 00:00:00 UTC. More info BLOB Used to hold arbitrary binary data. Often images, video, or other non-text data. No storage limit. Example: XMenEvolution?from=Characters.X-MenEvolution X'012e2b041cc23f4a0549' Rarely used in text INSERT statements, more often used in parameterized queries using programming language APIs (like python's sqlite3 module) We'll be avoiding them in this class for simplicity NUMERIC Techically SQLite has another type, NUMERIC

"A column with NUMERIC affinity may contain values using all five storage classes. When text data is inserted into a NUMERIC column, the storage class of the text is converted to INTEGER or REAL (in order of preference) if such conversion is lossless and reversible. For conversions between TEXT and REAL storage classes, SQLite considers the conversion to be lossless and reversible if the first 15 significant decimal digits of the number are preserved. If the lossless conversion of TEXT to INTEGER or REAL is not possible then the value is stored using the TEXT storage class. No attempt is made to convert NULL or BLOB values." TL;DR NUMERIC can hold any number to any precision needed. But we won't be using it.

NON SQLITE DATA TYPES Memo holds 65,536 characters Currency 15 whole digits and 4 decimal places in base 10 Yes/No Microsoft Access doesn't like scareing people with the word boolean Enum Restricted text strings You an imitate any of these types with SQLite's default types (or extend your own with wrapper functions).

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