Glass Container Recycling

Glass Container Recycling

Glass Packaging Institute Bryan Vickers Presentation to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) September 17, 2013 Glass is ENDLESSLY Recyclable Glass Packaging Institute

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) represents the North American glass container industry: 6 member glass container producers: O-I, Verallia, Ardagh Group, Gallo Glass, Vitro US Packaging Division, Rocky Mountain Bottling (MillerCoors) 37 associate member supplier companies GPI promotes glass as the optimal packaging choice, advances environmental and recycling policies, advocates industry standards and educates packaging professionals. The North American Glass

Container Industry 48 glass container plants in 22 states comprise a $5.5 billion dollar industry 102 glass container furnaces produce approximately 30 billion glass food, beverage, cosmetic, spirits, wine, and beer containers annually The industry employs approximately 18,000 employees nationwide 2012 U.S. Glass Container

Shipments by Category Source: Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) Environmental Benefits of Glass Recycling Glass is 100% recyclable; it has an unlimited life and can be recycled endlessly Over a ton of natural resources saved for every ton of glass recycled

Energy costs drop about 2-3% for every 10% recycled glass used in the manufacturing process Six tons of recycled container glass used equals one ton of carbon dioxide reduced GPI Industry Goal: Increase Recycled Glass Use at Plants

First Objective: Preserve U.S. jobs in an Energy Intensive, Trade Exposed environment: Improve global competitiveness Reduce foreign energy dependency Support improved materials management models, many of which currently face serious economic and performance challenges GPI Industry Goal: Increase Recycled Glass

Use at Plants Second Objective: Drive industry sustainability initiatives Conserve energy Save raw materials Reduce air emissions including NOx, SOx, PM, and greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2) Reduce/Reuse in all aspect of plant operations water, cardboard, lubricants,

electricity, etc. Achieving the Goal To achieve goal must improve the quantity and quality of recovered recycled glass: Partnerships with stakeholders to improve glass recycling/recovery rates Improved data collection/analysis Effective legislative initiatives at federal and state levels

A single-stream recycling best practices SWOT analysis, including processing technologies Expanded bar, restaurant, and hotel collection programs Closed-Loop Glass Recycling High-quality recycled glass = New glass bottles and jars

= Manufacturing Competitiveness U.S. Glass Container Manufacturing is considered an energyintensive-trade-exposed industry EITE Domestic glass container manufacturers must continue to compete with under-regulated competition from Mexico, South America and overseas. Since 2008, imports of unfilled glass containers for food and beverage have increased 28%. On pace for another 6% increase this year..

Increased emissions regulations, tied with unpredictable energy costs make the savings realized from recycled glass use of critical importance.

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