Google Scholar - St. John Fisher College

Google Scholar - St. John Fisher College

Google Scholar Tools, Tips, and Tricks Ben Hockenberry Systems Librarian SJFC Lavery Library 1 In this Session, Well Answer:

Whats in Google Scholar (GS)? What are the pros and cons of using it? How do I search GS? How do I narrow my results? How do I link to Library Resources? How do I find related results? How does reference management software work with GS? What else can I do with it? 2

Whats in Google Scholar? Articles Theses Books and book chapters Abstracts Court opinions Technical reports Conference papers and much more 3 Whats in Google Scholar?

These resources are gathered from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.1 A 2009 study found Google Scholar, on average, 17.6 percent more scholarly than materials found only in library databases.2 This is a relevant tool that should be understood. 4 Pros and Cons The Good The Bad

High number of journals Keyword searching in many articles Broad array of resources, with comparable scholarliness to subscription databases Powerful cited by tool Full coverage unknown, as GS doesnt publish a list of sources Few search optionscant

limit by source type Peer-review indeterminate Limited information about articles (metadata) Citations from non-journals may skew cited counts 5 Advanced Searching Google has made a name for themselves with intelligent search results a keyword search gets you far. Click the down arrow from the search box to see advanced options.

More tips: 6 Advanced Searching You can use these search boxes to get to a specific article, to find articles published in the last five years, or to make a subject search more exact. More tips:

7 Narrowing Results A results page looks like this: There are not many limiters, but limiting by date is very useful. You can remove patents or citation-only results from your list. If you see many irrelevant articles, use a - sign before a term in your search to remove results that contain that keyword. Example: [potter harry] You can set up an email alert for new articles published about your search topic right from this screen 8

Full-text and Library Links For many open access resources in Google Scholar, clicking the title will get you to full-text. If theres no full-text, or if a site asks you to pay for access, look for access elsewhere through open access sources or Library Links. If not, there may be a PDF link on the right. Otherwise, use a Library Link! 9 Full-text and Library Links The library link, labeled Get it @ Fisher, should display automatically if

youre in a campus academic building. If youre off-campus or in a dorm, you may need to set up a library link click the icon to add a library link. In this screen, search for St. John Fisher College, select the Get it @ Fisher option, and click Save. Detailed instructions to set this up are at 10 Finding Related Results In a results screen, you can click Cited by to see articles in

the future that cite the article youre looking at. The Related articles link is a little less clear: It finds documents similar to the given search result.1 This appears to find articles with similar keywords and cited references but Google doesnt say what it is. 11 Reference Management Zotero users can gather basic citation data from a result list using the Firefox, Chrome or Safari addons. EndNote or RefWorks users can set an option by clicking the Settings gear and selecting a Bibliography Manager option. Youll then see

an Import into link in your results list. The automatically-generated citation data may be very inaccurate: please review your bibliography data to ensure its consistent with citation standards.3 12 Theres More? Google Scholar, thanks to its citation index, has become a powerful tool for academics to track their publications. More information about Google Scholars author and journal metrics, check out

13 Image: CC-SA License Because its Google, after all LETS DIVE RIGHT IN 14 What Im working on Im working on a paper for Philosophy Day on

the topic of Aaron Swartzs bulk download of JSTOR articles. I have enough news and popular sources need scholarly stuff Topic is really current I dont want to dwell on his death Aaron Swartz, 2011, from http :// tivecommons/3111021669

/ 15 Im going to try Google Scholar. I tried a few library databases first Maybe I didnt get the results I want Maybe I want to find more Lets see what we can find!

16 What Im working on What keywords should use? What limiters should I use? How do I get the articles? Aaron Swartz, 2011, from http ://

tivecommons/3111021669 / 17 Resources More info on Google Scholar and Open Access Sources: 1. Research Guide: 2. PowerPoint on Open Access Resources: http:// es_and_Search.pptx (linked at the above Research Guide)

18 References 1. 2. Howland, J. L., Wright, T. C., Boughan, R. A., & Roberts, B. C. (2009). How scholarly Is Google Scholar? A comparison to library databases. College & Research Libraries, 70(3), 227 234. 3. Jacs, P. (2010). Metadata mega mess in Google Scholar. Online Information Review, 34(1), 175-191. doi: 10.1108/14684521011024191 19

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