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View Type into the Questions box EDI Train the Trainer Session December 2nd, 2015 Maddison Spenrath, Marit Gilbert HELP EDI Implementation Team

OVERVIEW 1. EDI Timeline 2. EDI Teacher Training Preparation 3. EDI Teacher Training Slides Review EDI Trainers Blog

EDI Waves Over 200,000 EDIs completed in BC Tomorrow Tomorrow EDI Information Letters

EDI Teacher Training All NEW Kindergarten teachers must participate in standardized training prior to completing their EDIs Ensures data quality Teachers who have participated before watch brief refresher training videos posted on the e-EDI website Reminder of key training points and updates Preparing for your Teacher Training

Session What? Half-day in person training session for new teachers Presentation of the EDI Core training slides and time to fill in EDIs as a group and ask questions When? January - February Where? Hosted at the school district, ideally in a computer lab or with mobile technology (laptops, tablets) Who? Facilitated by a local training team:

School District, Community, Experienced Kindergarten Teacher, and Aboriginal School District or Community Representative

Please let us know by early January (email [email protected]) 1. Confirm your parent letters were sent home 2. How many new K teachers you have 3. When your training session is taking place Preparing for your Teacher Training Session You will need:

A training team Core slides with customized content (e.g. EDI maps, local contacts) Laptop, projector, speakers for videos A computer lab or B.Y.O.Technology (optional) Paper copies of the EDI guide, manual (optional) Link to Teacher Training Feedback Form Training refresher videos

Refresher training for teachers who have completed the EDI before 3 brief videos are available on the homepage of the e-EDI website Teacher Training Refresher Aboriginal Language Recognition on the EDI Safeguarding EDI Data Please remind experienced teachers to watch these videos as they contain key points covered in EDI training which may be new to them. All experienced teachers will have 1 EDI added to their TOC Coverage for watching the videos.

TOC Reimbursement Districts are reimbursed the equivalent TOC replacement time for kindergarten teachers participating in training and completing EDI surveys 0.5 (or 0.6/0.4) day TOC time for attending training for new teachers Travel costs (e.g., mileage)

20 minutes TOC time per EDI completed 20 minutes (1 EDI) for watching refresher training videos for experienced teachers Billing webinar: Feb 17th, 2016 e-EDI training webinar tomorrow 1. Class list upload demonstration (20 minutes)

ask local MyEducation BC or database expert to join 2. Tour of the e-EDI site (20 minutes) navigation for district administrators and teachers New EDI School Reports

New Reporting Format District-level summary of demographic data District-level summary of EDI results New graphic representations Comparisons between school to district average Easier to share reports with

relevant audiences Easier to navigate to key results Feedback is key EDI School Reports Survey 5-7 minutes to complete Pass it on! Feedback is important for HELP to better understand:

How results in the report are being used Audiences reached Sharing mechanism Missing information Information of value How new reports formats rate in comparison to current report format Follow up opportunities Professional Development Webinars

Previous recordings posted on the blog: Human Development Program of Research Toward Aboriginal Children & Families Thriving Understanding Critical Difference on the EDI Socio-economic Status Index What topics would you like to hear about? Contacts at HELP? Marit Gilbert

EDI School Liaison (604) 827-4050 [email protected] Maddison Spenrath Gillian Corless EDI Implementation

Coordinator Core Projects Director (604) 827-5504 (604) 822-1836

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