Governance - UNDP

Governance - UNDP

Governance Assessments in the Arab Region UNDP RBAS, Regional Center in Cairo Governance Assessments and Social Accountability United Nations Development Programme Regional Bureau for Arab States Regional Why measure governance? If you cant measure it, you can not improve it! Counting is an essential function of modern states - a state that is not able to measure its core functions performance can be seen as having lost the ability to fulfill them Counting is essential for democratic governance: figures can be challenged by opposition parties and civil society; figures can and frequently dobecome a focal point for processes of public opinion sensitization. Counts produce political debates and influence the complex establishment of priorities. Counting is not purely technical, but rather a highly political process. Governance Assessments in the Arab Region Proliferation of global governance indicators Political Terror Scale Polity Freedom in the World 1974

76 Global Competitiveness Index CPIA Press Freedom Survey 78 80 International Country Risk Guide 82 84 86 Global Accountability Report Index of Democracy Democracy Index World World Human Rights Governance Democracy Indicators Assessment Audit Governance Gender and

State Failure Weberian Empowerment Democracy Dataset Comparative State Measure Processes Project Institutional Women in Press Parliament Freedom Profiles Database Index Index of Economic BEEPS Countries at the Freedom Crossroads CIRI Commitment to Human Rights Failed Databse Development States Index Bertelsmann Open Budget Journalists Governance Transformation Index killed Matters Opacity Index Index World Values Corruption Bribe Payers Integrity Index Survey Perceptions Index Index Global Peace GAPS in Workers Index Rights

88 90 92 94 96 98 00 02 04 06 08 Cross country indices and data Variable/category Source Origin Type Political participation/accountability/rule of law/stability/regulatory quality/corruption Political participation/rule of law/democratic institutions/political & social integration Democracy/political participation/political institutions/civil and political rights

Corruption Public sector corruption Political institutions/corruption Worldwide Governance Indicators IGO Bertelsmann Transformation Index NGO Surveys of 213 public/business/NGOs and experts Expert 128 Freedom House NGO Expert surveys 197 Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer survey Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index Global Integrity Index NGO Public surveys 80 NGO

Expert/public /business surveys Expert 178 Expert 192 Expert assessment based on official data All Expert 76 Expert 170 NGO Human rights/rule of law Freedom of independence Cingranelli Richards Human Rights NGO Database and Political Terror Scale Office of the High Commissioner for IGO Human Rights (OHCHR) - Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General and Treaty Body Document databases expression/media International Research and Exchanges NGO

Board Media Sustainability Index Reporters Without Freedom Index Borders Press NGO Country Coverage 79 How Governance Assessments have changed over the last 10-15 years 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. externally driven internally driven, technical political economy aspects, global country level and below, numerical indicators narrative trajectories, quantitative qualitative methods, top-down bottom-up approaches including multistakeholders, 7. supply assessments include demand side aspects as well, 8. assessing effectiveness only include the assessment of the legitimacy of policy action. Country-led governance assessment What is measured? 1. Governance as a whole (e.g. State of Democracy Framework from IDEA) 2. Areas of governance (Human Rights, corruption, public administration, elections, civil society etc.) 3. Principles of governance (integrity of the water sector)

4. National vs. Local level Who measures? Multi-stakeholder country-led Presidents office Ministries Parliament-led For what purpose? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. processes Independent accountability institutions (ACAs) Think-tank Civil society Promote democratic reform Evidence-based policy making Enhance performance based management Establish baselines to monitor policy implementation Improve transparency and accountability Amplifying the voice for the citizens Dialogue about governance between stakeholders (state, CSOs, media, private sector) UNDP/GAP Knowledge Products - Governance Indicators: A Users' Guide (2nd Edition) - Planning a Governance Assessment: A guide to approaches, costs and benefits - A Users Guide to Measuring Corruption - Users' Guide for Measuring Public Administration Performance - A Users' Guide to Measuring Local Governance

- A Users Guide to Civil Society Assessments - Measuring Democratic Governance: A Framework for selecting pro-poor and gender sensitive indicators - Indicators for Human Rights Based Approaches to Development in UNDP Programming - A Users Guide - A Users Guide to Measuring Gender-Sensitive Basic Service Delivery - Planning a Governance Assessment: A Guide to Approaches, Costs and Benefits - Maximizing the potential of UNCAC implementation: Making use of the selfassessment checklist - Users Guide on Measuring Fragility - Assessing Governance for MDGs: A Framework for Practitioners Governance Assessments in the Arab Region Governance Assessments in the Arab Region Governance Assessments & Social Accountability For questions/clarifications please contact: Nina Kolybashkina, Governance Assessments Specialist UNDP Regional Centre Cairo Tel: +202 2770 2204 Mobile: +2017 8288364 E-mail: [email protected] United Nations Development Programme Regional Bureau for Arab States Regional Centre in Cairo 2012

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