Greek Life

Greek Life

Fraternity Recruitment 2014 What does it mean to be in a fraternity? Group of individuals who share similar interests Bonded together by common goals and aspirations created through rituals Fellowship Scholarship Service & Philanthropy

Leadership Benefits of Fraternity Membership Fraternity members build lifelong friendships both within his chapter and the Greek community. Some of these opportunities include: Brotherhood Activities Annual Greekend activities Fall New Member 101 Series Socials and Exchanges Homecoming & Family Weekend

Benefits of Fraternity Membership Academic excellence is a primary focus in fraternities. As a member of the Fraternity community, your son will find the following: Greek Growth Series Chapter academic requirements such as study hours and tutoring Dedicated spaces in chapter houses for quite study Additional scholarship money available as a member of the Fraternity

& Sorority community Higher retention than regular student population Higher graduation rate than regular student population serviceBenefits & of Fraternity Membership philanthropy Being a member of the Fraternity community means giving back to the Bloomington/Normal area and across the nation including:

GreekServe Program Raising money for Local and National Charitable organizations Volunteering service to local charitable agencies Participation in Alternative Breaks programs Benefits of Fraternity Membership Leadership Development is deeply routed in the core of fraternities. Your son will have multiple opportunities to develop into a leader among his peers. Here are just a few examples of

these opportunities : Leadership opportunities within chapters and Interfraternity Council Order of Omega Leadership Honor Society Fraternity & Sorority Programming Board Annual Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Retreat Best Practices Officer Roundtables Travel to Leadership Development conferences Commonly Asked Common Questions Questions Which chapters are at IWU? When is recruitment? What does it

involve? What is the cost? Is there hazing? Where do fraternity members live? Fraternity Options at IWU Acacia Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Sigma Chi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi

Greek Organizations NOT part of FSL Phi Mu Alpha (music, male) Delta Omicron (music, co-ed) Alpha Phi Omega (service, co-ed) Alpha Kappa Psi (business, co-ed) When is Recruitment? Recruit year Round Fall Structured Process Information Sessions

Open Individual Chapter Events (August 27 September 11) Invitation Only Preference Meals (September 12 14) 1st Day to Receive/Accept a Bid (Monday, September 15) Registration is not required; but highly encouraged and free. The Costs Costs of

Fraternity Membership Fraternities are self-funded organizations. Chapters collect dues/membership fees from every member. Dues are usually spent on alumni/parent programming philanthropic events social events scholarship programming membership recruitment administrative costs

Most chapters offer payment plans to assist members in meeting financial obligations to the chapter Many offer scholarship funds on the national level The Costs Costs of Fraternity Membership Room & Board are through IWU Currently equal to double occupancy room fees Board depends on meal plan selected

6 semester required; 4 expected in chapter house Undercapacity Fee Ranges each semester depending on chapters ability to fill to capacity (2014-15 projected range will be $0 to $176 Not charged to students during first year at IWU Common Area Damages 2013-14 range (to date) was $44.73 to $150.22 Chapter Dues and Fees 2013-14 range was $800 to $970; first year range was $550 to $820

Hazing Dont they Haze? Fraternity new members all experience a period of orientation that varies in both content and length among chapters. Hazing is absolutely forbidden by each Organizations and the University s policies as well as Illinois State law. During recruitment, the potential member will want to ask each organization specific questions about what is expected of him as a new member. If you have any concerns regarding hazing please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life or the Dean of Students

Office (it can be confidential). Housing Where do they live? University-owned chapter houses Each chapter has a student live-in House Manager employed by OFSL Meals are through campus dining facilities All have Live-in requirements ranging from 2 semesters to 4 semesters required

IWU policy beginning in 2014 is 6 semesters on campus, 4 of which can be in chapter house Housing Blake Bradley, Director Email: [email protected] Phone: (309) 556-3555 Additional Questions? HTTP://WWW.IWU.EDU/G REEK

Be sure to check out our website and Facebook Pages for lots of great information about the fraternity & sorority community at IWU.

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