Group 13 Heavy Lift Cargo Plane -

Group 13 Heavy Lift Cargo Plane Richard-Marc Hernandez Yoosuk Kee Stephen McNulty Jessica Pisano Chi Yan Project Advisor: Siva Thangam Objectives The plane to be flight capable

The plane to carry 2-3 times its own weight The plane meets the specifications of the 2004 SAE Aero Design East competition To finish the design of the plane by December and begin construction and testing in January To compete well at competition and improve Stevens reputation For the team to improve and expand their knowledge of the design and construction of airplanes To stay within the parameters of the budget that is set by the team 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 2 Team Dynamics Five members

High level of commitment and motivation Team divided into 2 smaller groups for more efficient use of time Smaller teams research separate parts of plane Team meets as a whole weekly to discuss research results 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 3 Advisor Meetings

Project Advisor: Siva Thangam At least once a week Offers guidance from experience Teaches team some of the knowledge not yet learned 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 4 Schedule 10/02/03

ME-423 Senior Design 5 Journal/Progress Detailed journal kept weekly for our group Updates on work done by smaller groups kept Advisor meetings kept in journal Our group is fairly on track according to our Gantt Chart and proposed progress Our advisor feels that we are ahead of where previous groups were at this stage 10/02/03

ME-423 Senior Design 6 Deliverables An airplane design Budget for the prototype Detailed calculations CAD drawings Various analyses of the design 10/02/03

ME-423 Senior Design 7 Purpose Individual member interest -- career or hobby oriented Expand knowledge, and experience with the design and manufacture of airplanes To compete against other colleges and universities To get exposure to students at other schools and their approach to the engineering design process 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 8

Major Problems Building the selected design Lack of experience to correct problems that arise Building as early as possible to have time to correct problems that arise Conforming to ALL specifications of the competition Designing sturdy landing gear to withstand many test runs 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 9

Budget Item 10/02/03 Est. Cost SAE Membership SAE Registration $50.00 $300.00 Balsa Wood Plywood Motor R/C Controller Propeller

Tires/Axle Batteries Servos Push Rods MonoKote Fuel Tank Misc. $10.00 $30.00 $120.00 $200.00 $15.00 $25.00 $15.00 $45.00 $10.00 $30.00 $5.00

$100.00 Total $855.00 ME-423 Senior Design 10 Approach Understand rules and regulations of competition Breakdown plane into smaller components Airfoils Wing shape Tail stabilizer Landing gear Fuselage Control Surface

10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 11 Approach (cont.) Construction of aircraft Test Make small adjustment to enhance performance Fly aircraft Attend competition and compete well among other schools 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design

12 Competition Specs Last years competition Take-off within 200ft Land safely within 400ft Total wingspan cannot exceed 6ft Planform area cannot exceed 1200in2 Dimensions of the payload support must be built with a minimum volume of 300in3 Engine will be provided by the event organizers 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 13 Disciplines Used

Fluids Dynamics Control Systems Statics Mechanics Physics Calculus Engineering Economics Machine Shop 10/02/03

ME-423 Senior Design 14 Conceptual Designs Ideal for flight at slow speeds Minimum drag for a given aspect ratio (5.1) Difficult to construct Stall characteristics are not as favorable as a rectangular wing Wing Elliptical 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design

15 Conceptual Designs (cont.) Wing Rectangular Dihedral Wing Rectangular Not as efficient as elliptical wing Stalls first at the wing root Provides stall warning Greater aileron control 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 16 Conceptual Designs (cont.)

Decrease in drag Increase in lift (most effective at high speeds) Highly tapered wing stalls first slightly inboard of the wingtip Combination of both rectangular and tapered configurations better for low-speed aircraft The rectangular inboard section provides good stall characteristics and is cost effective The tapered outboard portion decreases weight and increases aspect ratio Wing Tapered Wing Tapered Dihedral 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 17

Questions? 10/02/03 ME-423 Senior Design 18

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