Guest Speaker - Rupert

Guest Speaker - Rupert

Technology in the Math's Room TJ 591 Lecture week 8 2004 1

Internet Resources The Internet abounds with Maths resources. Google searchs for: technology pedagogy maths 23,000 pages ICT maths pedagogy

5,700 2 The Mathematical Association of Victoria

3 A Maths Dictionary for Kids

4 Microworlds 5 6

7 8

9 10 11

James Discovers Math's 12 Simulation (computer science) the technique of representing the real world

using a computer program Simulations are powerful because they allow students to experiment with concepts. 13

Pattern Blocks 14 Geoboards

15 A Broken Calculator

16 A Broken Calculator 17 18 19 20 21

The Geometers Sketchpad 22

23 Calculators 24 25

26 Small Stella 27 28

29 30

31 32 33 34 35

36 37

38 39 Maths Fonts 40

Fractals 41

42 This is the image: Water/General/reflection.jpg 43 Teacher Roles In ComputerEnriched Classrooms 1.

2. 3. 4. 44 Instructor

Coach Model Critic 1. Instructor

When the computer is introduced into the classroom, an initial learning period occurs during which the children need time to become familiar and comfortable with the technology. It is during this period that the teacher needs to assume the most active role in instructing

children, guiding them through new software and encouraging their exploration of the material. 45

2. Coach As students gain experience with computers, the focal role held by the teacher gradually diminishes; children are able to perform tasks independently, and peers begin to take over the role of instructor. The teacher then moves into

the role of facilitator, providing guidance and support when needed and ensuring appropriate behaviors, while control of the situation remains in the hands of the child. 46 3. Model Children will be much more likely to use the computer as a practical, integrated tool for learning if they see the teacher doing the same. Using the computer

during whole and small group instruction and for recording stories and producing classroom signs and charts are ways in which the teacher can be a highly visible user of technology. 47 4. Critic Responsibilities of the teacher in the computer-enriched classroom begin before the computer is introduced to the

students. In providing a rich, challenging, and appropriate learning environment, teachers must take an active role in selecting the software that will truly enhance children's learning and development.

48 Software Pyramid High expectations of

the teacher - Broad learning outcomes Graeme Oswin 1997 User has control HyperStudio, MicroWorlds, PowerPoint,

Clarisworks, Kid Pix, Office, Web Publishing Software,Email SimCity etc Drill and practice eg Math Blaster and many CD ROMs Technology has control 49

Low expectations of the teacher Narrow learning outcomes 50 Ask Dr. Math Students can ask questions about math problems.

It is fun to read the student questions and see the answers. Try it. You might learn something new. 51

ENIAC 52 Grace Hopper - 1950s

53 UPI/Bettmann "Grace Hopper," Microsoft Encarta 96 Thank you.


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