HAMLET - Ms. Bard's English IV

HAMLET - Ms. Bard's English IV

HAMLET ACT I ACTIVITIES ASSIGNMENT (ENG. IV) Today you will complete these three activities in class in order show your understanding of the characters, words, tone, and devices You will have 20 minutes for each task; any Iportion of these present in Act of Hamlet. assignments unfinished by the end of class must be completed as homework. ALL WORK WILL BE COLLECTED THE CHARACTER CONNECTIONS

Create either a mind map or a one-page Dramatis Personae (persons of the drama) Print out this fill-in-the-blank Dramatis that you can use to aid in your comprehension Personae as we read the play. (30 pts.) On your paper, draw a ghost and label it. Somewhere else on the paper, draw a stick person and label it, "Hamlet," write a character description below. Just as for Hamlet, draw a stick person for Gertrude, write her description, and draw a line to Hamlet to indicate she is his mother. Continue to do this until your map contains all ten of the major players; whenever a connection is described between characters (son of ... wife of ... friend of ... etc.), you should draw some form of line to indicate that on your map. Add at least two of the following to each character to fill out your map. key quotes,

pictures, character traits, Reliationships Complete each blank to connect the ten or major players in terms of titles, relationships, and locations. On the left hand side of each of the characters listed, draw a picture to represent that character; on the right hand side, list either a character trait, identifying quote (line number), or tone word to identify the character. WORDS OF WISDOM Reread through the advice Polonius gives to Laertes in Act 1, Scene 3. Complete the following tasks (you may do this one in pairs, if you

choose): Make a list of Polonius values concerning money, love, appearances, friendship, and entertainment. (10 pts) Design a survey a series of at least five multiple-choice questions to determine what other people think about these values. (Ex. Is clothing an important indicator of personality? Always, often, sometimes, rarely, never. Or On a scale from 1-5, how likely would are you to share your ideas with friends) Survey at least 10 classmates/peers and tabulate results (summarize findings). (10 pts) Finally, write a brief paragraph analyzing the results. What did the survey tell you about how people think and feel? Do most people you know have the same values as Polonius? Which of the five values of Polonius seem to

resonate most with your peers? Which were furthest from those of your classmates? (10 pts) PROMTED POETRY Use one of the famous lines from Act 1 as the first line of a serious OR humorous poem about Act I that has a consistent style and tone. Here are some examples of lines you can use to begin your poem (you can also choose another line from Act 1): Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. Frailty, thy name is woman! The time is out of joint. To thine own self be true. Poems must be a minimum of 10 lines; they may be rhymed or unrhymed and you may use any form of poetry that you choose (sonnet, villanelle, ABC Darian, etc)

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