Heredity and Reproduction

Heredity and Reproduction

Plant Structures and in eproductio n Flowers MrJacksback pack Guiding How can flowering

Question: Plant Parts There are four main parts of a plant. flower leaf stem root The Root The root serves several purposes. 1) Roots absorb water in the soil.

2) Roots serve as a support base for the plant so that it will not topple over. 3) Roots can even store extra food for the plant. The Stem The stem supports the plant beyond the root. Stems also transport water and nutrients to the other parts of the plant, like a straw. Leaf

The leaf of the plant is where the food is made. During a process called photosynthesis, the leaf uses carbon dioxide and sunlight to create sugar (food) for the plant. Photosynthe sis xy Photosynthesis in leaves also creates oxygen

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i D n o b r Ca ) During photosynthesis, the chlorophyll in the leaves of the plant use up carbon dioxide and while they create sugar for the plant, they also create oxygen. Reproduction in

Flowers are the part of the Flowering Plants plant where seeds are made. seeds Reproduction in Flowering Plants Seeds are what make new plants grow. seeds

Reproduction in Flowering Plants There is a male and female part of every flower. the stamen (male) Reproduction in Flowering Plants The stamen and the pistil are the two main reproductive parts of the flower. the pistil (female)

The Stamen Here is a diagram of the stamen. The tip of the anther is where the pollen is made. pollen anther filament the stamen (male) The Pistil

Here is a diagram of the pistil, which grows up from the ovary. The ovary produces egg cells. stigma style ovary egg cells (ovules) the pistil (female) Full diagram Of course, not all parts of the flower have reproductive

functions, like the petal, sepal and receptacle. stigma style ovary egg cells (ovules) stamen anther pistil filament petal sepal receptacle

Functions Even though the petal, sepal and receptacle dont have reproductive purposes, they are all still important functioning parts of the flower. pistil stigma style ovary egg cells (ovules)

stamen anther : protects the reproductive parts and attracts insects filament petal sepal: protects the plant and receptaclehelps to hold moisture : stem and base of

the flower Pollen Pollen is the fine, dust like powder that contains the male reproductive cells of seed-bearing plants. As this bee collects pollen from the stamen, the female organs in the pistil are fertilized by the pollen. Pollination Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the stamen (male) to the pistil (female) in a flower.

the stamen (male) the pistil (female) Pollination The process of pollination can happen from wind, insects, birds, and other animals carrying and transferring the pollen from the stamen to the pistil. Although bees are the insect who are

most famous for pollination, many other insects also help to pollinate plants. Without insects doing this very important job, the world would look much different! Pollination Without pollination, flowers could not reproduce, and therefore could not survive.

Birds also transfer pollen for the flowers, and are rewarded with tasty nectar. Fertilization Fertilization is the process by which the female reproductive cell (egg) is united with the male reproductive cell (sperm or pollen). . fertilization point After the fertilization point occurs, reproduction is

already under way, and a new seed (and more plants) can be created. Flower Parts This is the flower of the hibiscus plant. You can easily see the reproductive parts of the flower with the hibiscus. stigma style anther ide) s

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stamen petal pistil Summarizer In paragraph format, explain how flowering plants can reproduce. . Make sure to discuss terms such as:

stamen (male) anther filament pollen pistil (female) style stigma ovary egg pollination fertilization

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