HOMOPHONES BY K.P.ANUSUYA K.V.M. Homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings.

For example, there is a pear that is good to eat. I use a pair of gloves because I have two hands. Pay attention to see how the following homophones are spelled. week weak There are 7 days in

a week. She has been sick and is still weak. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday theyre there their Theyre going to be

last if they dont hurry. The books are right there. Halloween is their favorite holiday. tale tail

I love the fairy tale, Cinderella. The fox has a bushy tail. hole whole The golf ball went in the hole.

I ate the whole pizza! hour our There are 60 minutes in an hour. Our class is going to the museum.

through threw We are swimming through the water. water She threw the ball to her brother.

for four What do you want for lunch? I see four apples. ate eight I cant believe I ate the whole thing!

There are eight cars in the parking lot. so sew He runs so fast! Will you please sew on the button.

see sea Do you see the teacher? The ship travels on the sea. flour flower I use flour to make

cookies. I put the flower in the vase. two too to The baby has two new teeth. I have too much

homework! Astronauts went to the moon. Can you find ate or nine misteaks in these sentences? Make a list of the incorrectly spelled words on a sheet of paper. Write them correctly.

I will chews to take the advice. Please weight for me. The son is very bright today. What is the mane idea? I knead a knew pear of shoes.

eight mistakes choose wait sun main need

new pair Youre a homophone expert! BYE !

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