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HOUSTON SYMPHONY LEAGUE Houston Symphony Junior Patron Program and Celebration Event The Junior Patron program, together with the Family Concert Series, is an important part of Houston

Symphonys overall education program. The Houston Symphony is involved with education because music makes a unique and vital impact on how the brain develops in children. While it is a common misperception that orchestras perform childrens concerts solely to ensure audiences for the future, the reality for me is quite different. If we do our job properly, students will become better learners, more engaged citizens and generally more successful. Robert Franz, Associate Conductor

Robert Franz, Associate Conductor, works closely with Roger Daily, Director of Music Matters!, Houston Symphonys education programs, to develop entertaining programming and create an environment that stimulates active listening skills. What will the conductor be wearing? is a typical question at each of the Family Concerts. Costumes are an integral

part of Robert Franzs appearances. The visual stimulation they provide keep audiences engaged throughout the concert. The Family Concerts are very popular and Saturday mornings are busy with families coming to one of two performances in Jones Hall.

Each concert has a theme and dressing the part, whether its Lion King, Wizard of Oz or fairy tale royalty, is always encouraged! Our Petting Zoo isnt Scary! Theres a lot to see and do in Jones Hall Pre- and post-concert

activities include arts and crafts activities and performances by young artists in local schools and music programs. Quarterly newsletter with information about the composers, music being performed and musicrelated activities. Reserved crafts area during Reserved

crafts area during the family concert the family concert Priority seating on the Priority seating on the orchestra level, program orchestra level,

program listing for each family concert listing for each family concert and invitation to the and invitation

to the Celebration event Celebration event Pick a theme and tie it throughout the event, from invitations to crafts.

Schedule a Symphony musician that works with the event theme. Select a craft that coordinates and that can be incorporated in to the mini concert A back stage tour of the concert hall and oneon-one with the conductor is a must!

Give Junior Patrons the opportunity to individually experience the instruments and interact with the musician. A Big Bang theme screams for PERCUSSION! Our musician showed the young patrons a variety of percussion instruments as well as how many everyday items can be used to make

interesting sounds. Volunteers greet Junior Patrons and pass out packets with the tambourine craft. One of the highlights of the Celebration event is sitting on stage in the musicians chairs and visiting with Associate Conductor Robert Franz.

Volunteers at The 2012 Junior Patron Event Children learn to talk by experimenting and listening; they can learn to make music by experimenting and listening--unless we stop them! Place children in surroundings that are full of "invitations to learn," provide them with encouraging and sympathetic attitudes from adults, as well as knowledge, and

amazing things can happen--especially to the sensory perceptions that are central to the arts

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