How to EQUIP Young Adults with Disability Pride and Self-Advocacy

How to EQUIP Young Adults with Disability Pride and Self-Advocacy

How to EQUIP Young Adults with Disability Pride and SelfAdvocacy Successful Young Adult

Program Creation, Implementatio n, and Sustainability APRIL Conference October 22, 2016 1:30 3 pm

Importance of Youth Programs Definition of Transition? Transition Transition = Process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. Middle School to High School

High School to College High School to Employment College to Employment Major Life Changes related to housing, relationships, careers, etc. In South Carolina, transition services to prepare for post-secondary success (life after high school) starts at age 13 and ends at age 21, which is how long a student can stay in high school. Transition Planning must start before a students 13th birthday, and all IEPs must include a statement of goals for after high school and the transition services needed to reach these goals. - Protection & Advocacy

Building a Successful Young Adult Group Empowering young adults with disabilities to prepare for their future, advocate for their rights, and become leaders in their communities. Columbia Greenville Upstate Advocacy Center

136 Stonemark Lane | Suite 100 330 Pelham Rd. | Suite 100A 1 Creekview Court I Suite A Columbia, SC 29210 Greenville, SC 29615 Greenville, SC 29615 800.681.6805 800.681.7715 TTY 803.779.0949 TTY 864.235.8798

What is ? Statewide in South Carolina FOR Young Adults with Disabilities, Run BY Young Adults with Disabilities Cross-Disability Ages 13 - 28 Promotes Self-Advocacy

Funded by SC Developmental Disabilities Council Key Topics Addressed through EQUIP Self Advocacy Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness Disability Rights Movement Individual and Community Barriers

Future Planning and Goal Setting Community Involvement Communication Skills The Same Click Here to Watch "The Same" Youtube Video! Main Goals of EQUIP (1)

Collaborate with SC Developmental Disabilities Council and key stakeholder organizations Quarterly Meetings with active stakeholder organizations Creation of newsletters geared Main Goals of EQUIP (2) Empower Self-Advocates in South

Carolina New additional EQUIP Leaders trained and put on staff each year Professional Development meetings for EQUIP Leaders each year Participation in SCYLF Facilitate Peer Support Meetings Main Goals of EQUIP (3) Educate the community about disability rights

and the value of inclusion Presentations at Self-Advocacy events Webinar and Video creation and distribution Professional Trainings Serving on Boards and Committees in the community Parent Trainings Young Adult Self-Advocacy Trainings Main Goals of EQUIP (4)

Program Evaluation Are participants in EQUIP increasing in: Disability Pride Self-Advocacy Communication Goal Setting and Goal Attainment Skill Building Opportunities:

Monthly In-Person Hangouts Greenville

Anderson Columbia Lancaster/York * Aiken * Spartanburg * Quarterly In-Person Hangouts Saturdays every 3 months in Greenville and Columbia

Monthly Statewide Online Hangouts Community-Oriented Self-Advocacy Events Social Media Presence Twitter Instagram Facebook 6-week Summer Series End-ofYear

Snapshot of EQUIP EQUIP Stakeholders SC Developmental Disabilities Council Center for Disability Resources (CDR) SC Interagency Deaf-Blind Project Protection and Advocacy (P&A) South Carolina Assistive Technology Program (SCATP)

DHEC USC School of Medicine SC Autism Society SC Voc Rehab Commission for the Blind - Charleston Eat Smart, Move More Tell Them, SC DDSN P&A Voting Coal.

Getting Started... Creation of a Young Adult Program Identify Potential Funders Identify Staff Members Determine Age Range of Participants Develop Goals/Strategic Plan Recruit Peer Leaders & Participants Choose Stakeholders/Advisory Group to Facilitate Community Relationships

Getting Young Adult Feedback During the Brainstorming Process Brainstorm Goals What organizations do young adults want to collaborate with? Who do they feel is the target age group? What is their view on the purpose of this group? Who do they want to educate? Young Adults? Professionals?

Parents? Community Members? During the Group Creation Process Young Adult Involvement During Group Facilitation Young Adult Buy-in for Sustainability Core Concepts and Message Self-Advocacy Disability Pride

Disability History Movement Awareness Goal Setting Communication Skill-Building Accommodation Awareness in schools, employment, and community Professionalism Skills Establishing Goals for Youth Transition Programming Creating Young Adult

Buy-in The Power of a Peer-Led Group Having Young Adults with strong leadership and self-advocacy be at the table for events and major decisions Relevant Discussion Topics Peer to Peer Role Models Opportunity for professional development for young adult leaders/activity facilitators Opportunity for increased skill building and disability pride for young adult

participants How to Create a Peer-Led Group Having Young Adults with strong leadership and self-advocacy at the table for events and major decisions Stakeholder Meetings Attending community events Serving on Boards and Committees Co-creation of agendas and presentations Co-facilitation of events and activities

Attendee and Leader Expectations Respect/Safe Space Young Adults Only Creation of Group Guidelines Disability Awareness Focus on Self-Advocacy Promote Skill Building HAVE FUN! Diversity of Disabilities, Ages, Races,

Leadership Component Young Adult Leaders are still young adults. They need: Continued professional development Mentorship components to their position Professional Development Opportunities

To be held to professional expectations No exceptions based on age or disability Use of Social Media and Promotional Flyers/Videos EQUIPinSC Twitter

EQUIPinSC Instagram Hear From an EQUIP Young Adult Leader Effy Francis provides young adult perspective on EQUIP as a Leader, someone with a disability who is in the same age range as those she interacts with in the community Click Here to Watch Video of Effy Francis!

Funding & Sustainability History of Developing a Young Adult Leadership Group - Developed in 2013- with $10,000 from the National Youth Leadership Network with some Part B funding. - Strong programming and outreach efforts opened opportunities for increased funding via multiple funders. - Now over $350,000 is dedicated to Youth Transition Programs.

Able SCs Youth Transition Programs Youth Leadership Programs: School Grants: Project Inclusion Empowering Students Program Parent Training & Information (Subcontract) CareerBOOST Young Adults are now the Majority

at our CIL 704 Data: 2013: Ages 5-24 = 135 Consumers 2014: Ages 5-24 = 157 Consumers 2015: Ages 5-24 = 713 Consumers Increased Youth by over 80%

years! in 2 Community Partnerships & Collaboration -Dont be a best kept secret in your community -Collaborate with local disability-related organizations, school districts, colleges/universities, etc. - BE ACTIVE with education programs for students with disabilities. (ie. Advisory Councils for

Education for Students with Disabilities, Parent Training and Information Center, statewide transition efforts, VR, etc.) - Become friends with your states Department of Education and local school districts. - Create a stakeholders group for your youth programs - Practice what you preach Community Activism EQUIP Leaders serve on 14 Boards or Committees consistently at this point in time: PAIMI Advisory Council

SC SILC Family Connection of SC Parent and Youth Advisory Board Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) NCIL Youth Caucus Meeting Kids As Self Adocates (KASA) HCBS Person Centered Planning Workgroup through DHHS SC Assistive Technology Advisory Council Palmetto Coordinated System of Care Leadership Team Family Connection Board of Directors: Youth Position SC Advisory Council for the Education of Students with Disabilities Board Member

Got Transition's National Young Adult Advisory Board APRIL Youth Steering Committee Greenville County Transition Cooperative Committee Ways EQUIP Stays Engaged in within the South Carolina Community EQUIP Leader Participation in: -Peer Support Groups: Online and In-Person -EQUIP Summer Series [4th Annual This Past Summer 2016] - South Carolina Youth Leadership Forum (SCYLF)

-Professional Trainings - Parent Trainings - Self-Empowerment activities with students - Advocacy Events - Outreach events at Transition Fairs and Community Events - Creation of Webinars and Videos - Quarterly Newsletters geared towards young adults Questions and Discussion

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