How to Run a Successful Student Group

How to Run a Successful Student Group

HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL STUDENT GROUP University of Maryland School of Medicine 2019-2020 Academic Year STUDENT COUNCIL: Alex Boukhvalova PRESIDENT

George Morcos VICE PRESIDENT Kevin Kim TREASURER Cristiana Salvatori SECRETARY Donna Parker, MD Associate Dean of Student Affairs Student Policy and Procedure

Faculty Advisor-Please submit your faculty advisor agreement. We will update the faculty advisor on OSA. Student Officers, Email address, (and webpage) should be updated on MedScope. MEDSCOPE MAINTENA

NCE All events should go onto MedScope as soon as they are scheduled to avoid conflicts. If the old officers in your group did not give you access, contact Aline Dzaringa [email protected] and cc the old officer(s).

MAKE SURE EMAIL IS UP TO DATE AND IS UMB NOT UMD FACULTY ADVISOR TIPS Set some expectations both for leaders and advisors.

Invite your Faculty Advisors to all meetings and keep them in the loop. If they cant make it, send them minutes. Give them a chance to talk to the group about what they do. Ask for help/funding. Develop that relationship You might be asking them for an LOR in the future. Create a constitution and/or bylaws for your group. Do something unique different. MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES

2019 2020 Student Group Management Pr ocedures All student groups must have a faculty advisor Submit a Faculty Advisor Form by Sept 10 to OSA. REQUIREMENT

S All student groups should hold at least two meetings and have at least one fundraising activity per year T-shirts, mugs, pens

Bake sales Food festivals Charity run END OF YEAR: All student groups are responsible for electing new

group leaders, transitioning information (email lists, ppts, budget information, calendars), and updating MedScope to reflect this information. Student Group Repository Each student group gets access to storage room and/or a locker in HSF 1 if needed

STUDENT ORGANIZATIO N STORAGE Sign-out keys for Rm 514 in OSA Rm 152 (cannot keep them). Rent a lock from Paul Moore also in OSA

Please no food. Keep it organized. Clean it out at the end of each semester WHAT ABOUT ALCOHOL? The UMB Alcohol Policy can be found on pages 2 and 3 of the Alcohol Packet.

Please review it! After you fill out the form turn it in to Rob Cook @ BRB 14-039 Keep a copy of your approved permit and POST it somewhere on a wall during your event Or else the police wont be too happy If you notice inappropriate behavior,

take action according to the policy! ALCOHOL PACKET/POLICY When downloaded, the alcohol permit is fillable. The top half of the first page is to be completed by the sponsoring organization. Drop off to Aline Dzaringa in

OSA RM 146 and she will submit for approval and send the group/person a copy for his/her records. PROFESSIONALISM Please familiarize yourself with the policy on professional conduct evaluations and commendations which can be found in the academic handbook on the

Office of Student Affairs website: Scheduling Events Check MedScope for other events to minimize overlap Room Reservation: [email protected] Tables/Chairs requests: Submit work Request To reserve AV equipment [email protected] Remember: Food events cannot be held in Taylor Lecture Hall or Hosick. You must reserve PODS! *** WHEN YOU EMAIL TO [email protected] BE SURE TO CC [email protected] AT THE SAME TIME *** CAMPUS Other Rooms Available on Campus can be found at ampus/ Davidge Hall, School of Dentistry, Nursing, SW, Law, HSHSL, Pharmacy, SMC, Lexington & Bio Park (Other buildings may have different rules ex: alcohol, catering. We suggest asking about the rule when you make your reservation.)

HOW TO ADD EVENT TO MEDSCOPE ATTENDANCE AND MEMBERSHIP Groups should take attendance at every meeting using MedScope. Very important for funding the following year. Before the event Contact Audio Visual if you are using PPT presentation

Members must attend at least 3 events (unless otherwise specified) throughout the year in order to maintain their membership Keep your membership active on MedScope Student Accounting Aline Dzaringa(OSA) has all your

accounting information and current balances BANK ACCOUNT S Suite 146 in the OSA office

Your group Gmail account should have received an update on your account balance. This was sent out in the on August 5. You will be receiving a report of your account at the end of each month. STUDENT ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTI

NG FORM Click to add text STUDENT ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTING FORM Group members should complete an accounting form in order to:

Use money from your account Cover unforeseen out of pocket expenses (up to the groups balance amount). No payments above the groups balance amount will be reimbursed. Make deposits into your account (fundraisers/donations) Request a direct payment via credit card REMINDER: The payee and the approving e-mail cannot be the same on the student

accounting form! We do have a tax exempt code that can be used for purchases TAX EXEMPT

Any business should offer you taxfree prices with the tax exempt form. Tax exempt form will be provided upon request. CODE: 52-6002033 EXAMPLES OF RECEIPTS STUDENT ORGANIZATION

ACCOUNTING FORM, CONTD. ADVICE/TIPS: Complete this on time/ ahead of time for every event SAVE YOUR RECEIPT Aline Dzaringa Clubs are encouraged to fundraise to avoid out of pocket expenses by group members If a group member does not want to pay out of pocket, Aline Dzaringa has a credit card. As long as you give her an invoice and a student accounting

form, she could pay for expenses directly from your group account If you need an updated student group account balance, please email Aline Dzaringa at [email protected] FUNDRAISING FOR STUDENT GROUPS OSA does have the ability to create a website for your fundraising through Weebly. Weebly can collect credit card payments and any order information you may

need. (Ex: size, color, etc.) When you are ready to start a website, send an image of the item, the price and any other relevant information. If you want to fundraise, contact Aline and she can give your group some great ideas! HOW TO GET $$$ FOR YOUR GROUP

We have only about $5,500 to split amongst the 50 student groups FUNDING REQUEST FROM STUDENT COUNCIL!

Please DO NOT over request. Due: Fall: September 10, 2019 at 5pm Spring: Date TBD in the spring Attendance

Group Longevity FUNDING CRITERIO N Fundraising

Requested Funds Planned Events UPCOMING EVENTS STUDENT ACTIVITIES FAIR When: Friday, September 6th, 12:00pm 3pm

Deadline to reserve a table: September 2nd Where: MSTF Atrium table per student group. Use a laptop to collect student names/emails of interested students. Have a poster and/or pamphlets to inform students about your group.

Pizza will be provided. Dont leave without helping to clean-up! STUDENT LEADERS MEETINGS Every month OSA will be inviting students that are not in the Class

Government or in a Student Council to Student Leaders Meetings. IMPORTANT DATES SUMMARY September 6th Student Activities Fair 12-3pm September 10th Faculty Advisor Form Due

September 10th @ 5:00pm Fall Funding Request Form Due Deadline for requesting table at Student Activities Fair (check your emails for google doc) TBD Spring Funding Request Form Due

April 1st Officers transition deadline OTHER FUN EVENTS TO COME

House Dodge Ball Hopkins Med Mixer Camden Pub Karaoke Night Chili and Pie Cook-Off Have Ideas? Email Us! CONTACTS Aline Dzaringa, Business Analyst at the Office of Student Affairs

[email protected] Kristen McCartin, Event Specialist [email protected] Student Council [email protected]

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