I mean business...

I mean business...

Questionnaire Fill out the questionnaire. I will take the attendance, which I try to do right at the beginning of every lesson. If I mispronounce your name, please bare with me. Yes stand up; No remain seated Do you have a dog at home?

Is English your first language? Did you have to take your child/children to school before coming here? Are you completely new to SCAS? Did you ever go to high school when you were younger in Toronto? Did you travel anywhere nice this summer? Do you have to go to work after school/after your lessons? Do you want to college after you have obtained your secondary school diploma?

I mean business... Avoid distractions from the learning (e.g., cell phones, headphones, etc.) Be on time for lesson. Every time you are late or not in class, means less learning you will accomplish. Dont make food or drinks obvious- the cockroaches are coming! It is all about respect DO NOT take advantage of my kindness.

Be ready to learn- good pen, pencil, paper and attitude. Fill in the questionnaire. Expectations: At the start I usually start my lessons with a small but important activity. The purpose of the activity is to: Help you understand what you will

be doing in the rest of the lesson. Review what you have learned before and that youll continue learning. Get you to understand Why you are learning what you are learning Expectations: Group Work I use a lot of group work to help you understand ideas and what I am trying to

teach you. Challenges and disagreements. Helps build your skills. Please talk to me sometime this week if this will be a problem for you. Expectations: Participation If you come to my class, be prepared to work and participate. Smile

Dont let me or your team or yourself down. You may be asked to leave if you are not fully participating in the lesson or positively contributing to the learning. Look like youre happy to learn (e.g., If were reading as a class, then be focused on what we are reading, etc.) Expectations: You cannot hand in your work late! It is expected that you

hand in your work on time. 10% late penalty. Keep the rough-copies of your work. Reading Writing Oral Communication Media Studies All of your course work (e.g.,

paragraphs, tests, essays, etc.) is 70% of your final grade. The final examinations are worth 30% of the final grade. Your mark can change constantly or it can remain the same. Last Bit of Expectations She dont care. It dont matter. Adam wrestch* laura miller*

Adam hate working out. *If you cannot capitalize your name properly, then do not hand it in. Now, lets get to know each other... Line-up from smallest to tallest Line-up from January to December Line-up in

alphabetical order by first name (no speaking) Adam Wrestch University of Toronto (2008) Bachelor of Education Taught in London, United Kingdom, for 5 years. Ive taught all types of students from different religions, cultures and abilities. I was born and raised in Toronto.

Write a letter to I started teaching at SCAS in September me. 2013, and Ive taught ESL English here. Email: [email protected] Website: http://awrestch.weebly.com/ What are the elements/ingredie nts of a letter? Essay Diagnostic

Take pride in your work. I dont want you to hand in work that is poorly presented. Ive noticed a lot of students who have taken courses here at SCAS must review their grammar. Please review sentences (simple, compound and complex) and punctuation (semi-colon, colon, comma and periods). At college, you need to present yourself in a professional manner.

That means no swearing for the sake of it, and use words that are professional sounding and that are Thoughts? http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/20-most-inspiring-ted-talks-all-timethat-you-should-not-miss.html How would you summarize the main points of this presentation? 1. Any specific part of the presentation

that you found convincing? 2. Is there any part of the presentation that you are still skeptical about? What could be the potential flaws/problems that people will see in her presentation? 3. Has this video made you think about your body language and the body language of others? Will it change the way you act or the way you perceive people?

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