IBM Presentation Template Full Version - Deltek

IBM Presentation Template Full Version - Deltek

Unlock the Power of Costpoint Enterprise Reporting By Rich Hardin Principle Data Scientist, VSE CORP Studio Basics What to know and how it will translate Report Studio vs. Query Studio

Both Report Studio and Query Studio can be accessed from within the Cognos Connection web portal. Report Studio is used to create sophisticated reports and charts with complex prompts and filters Query Studio is used to create ad hoc queries and simple reports and charts vs. 3 Basic Features of Report Studio Basic Overview of Queries Filters

Basic Formatting Summarizing Prompt Pages 4 Queries Building block(s) of your report Created in query explorer One report can contain multiple queries

Queries can be joined or unioned together in one report Drag and drop Best Practices Use descriptive names to keep track of your queries Try to limit your queries to use only the items you need Keep query items limited within the same namespace 5 Filters

Add a filter expression to focus a report and minimize processing time by excluding unwanted data Detail filters are those that apply to individual rows in the report Summary filters are those that apply to summarized values in a group footer (e.g., project totals) The filter expression can contain functions, summaries, and operators Function Substring(account_id, 1, 2) = 50 Summary Total(amt) > 0 Operators Amt >= 50,000 Filters can also use parameters passed from the prompt page Fiscal_Year = ?Fiscal_Year? And Period = ?Period?

6 Basic Formatting Format your report to make it more readable and to reflect company standards Organization Headers and footers Based on items that at grouped Tables position particular items in and out of normal area Grouping and Sorting remove duplicated values and associate like objects Presentation Text

Font Data format Colors Images Conditional formatting 7 Summaries Add a summary to provide an overview of data in a report

An example of a summary is the total amount billed on an invoice Summary Description Total Adds all existing values Minimum

Selects the smallest existing value Maximum Selects the largest existing value Average Adds all existing values and then divides by the count of existing

values Count Counts all existing values Calculated Specifies that the summary is defined within the expression that is used to populate the column

Custom Summarizes data based on the expression you define 8 Prompt Pages Way to run the report for specific data (project, employee id, etc.) Limits the amount of data shown on a report

Open ended reports can lead to performance issues Data is passed from the prompt page to the report through parameters Best Practices Create separate queries for your prompts Use tables to format your prompt pages Create useful parameter names for prompts 9 Prompt Pages (cont.)

Most Commonly Used Prompts Prompt Control Retrieves data based on. Text Box Prompt a value that you type

Value Prompt values that you select from a list Search and Select Prompt search criteria that users specifydata is then retrieved based on values users select from the search results

Date Prompt a date that you select 10 Studio Exercise Quick Tips and Tricks 02

Cognos Workspace Advanced The CWA User Interface Tool Bar Content Pane Page Navigation

Work Area Properties Pane 13 CWA Tool Bar When in doubt

mouse over an icon to see a screen tip for it Can you find buttons that will allow you to do the following: Group /Ungroup Sections Pivot tables Filter

Aggregates Why are some icons grayed out? 14 Cognos Workspace Advanced Ability to turn on or off the automatic summarize and grouping Properties Pane

Ancestor Button & Property Sheet The ancestor button allows you to select a particular object and review its properties. The report objects are hierarchical in nature ANCESTOR BUTTON PROPERTY SHEET 16

Insertable Objects The Content Pane contains two tabs: Source Tab - Shows the contents of the package selected for the report Toolbox Tab - Shows the tools that are available for use (i.e. objects for use on a page) You add objects to a report by dragging them from the insertable objects pane to the work area.

17 Basic Steps to Create a Report Creating a report involves the following basic steps: Specify the data package Lay out the report From scratch, or Choose a basic report layout template, or Start with a similar report

Add Data Validate the report Save the report Run the report Interactively On a Schedule 18 Cognos Workspace Advanced

Ability to automatically create crosstab headers for sets Note: Works only with dimensional model Cognos Workspace Advanced (cont.) Table style will be passed off when drilling up or down from an initial crosstab

Creating a custom filter to bring values from Excel or other sources Cognos Workspace Advanced (cont.) All data inside Cognos Workspace Advanced can be copied into Excel no longer copies the xml Report Spec Workspace Advance Walkthrough

03 Cognos Workspace Cognos Workspace: Multi Tab and Global Area Allows content to be organized on multiple tabs in a single workspace A tabbed workspace contains a global area common to all tabs.

Global area will contain filter, action buttons, report prompts. Action Buttons Action buttons identical to those found in IBM Cognos Insight are now part of the Cognos Workspace application Use Action buttons to navigate between tabs on a workspace Cognos Workspace Tabs: How to? Very intuitive interface!

To add delete or rename a tab, go to the action menu, or right click on the workspace area. To add a Filter: Drag filter object from Toolbox to global area Filtering on a column will impact all reporting widgets that include that column Action buttons: Drag from the toolbox to the workspace, then select the Actions from the

menu Cognos Workspace: Freeze/Unfreeze; Expand/collapse Ability in lists and crosstabs to freeze row and column headers to keep them in view while scrolling In a crosstab, column and row headings can be expanded to show details. i.e Expand region heading to show related countries Cognos Workspace: Visual Recommender Change display type will now list most recommended display type based on the graph's data. Selecting the More option explains the choice reasoning

Cognos Workspace: Chart Interaction User can interact with charts or chart parts: Filter chart content Sort chart content Drill up/down Graduated Capabilities Access to functions and features in Cognos Workspace can now be controlled by the IBM Cognos administrator.

This functionality is controlled by the following capabilities: Consume Interact Assemble Graduated Capabilities: How to assign these capabilities? Cognos Administration Security Capabilities Executive dashboard Author: User groups assigned to 'User groups in Advanced dashboard Features'

Interact: User Groups assigned to 'Use Interactive dashboard Features' Consume: Every body else. Workspace Walkthrough Whats Next: Cognos Analytics What you need to know for the next level of BI

What is Cognos Analytics? Key Features There are many features that are unique to the next level of IBM Cognos Analytics that allow the solution to deliver new value to the customer(s). Some of the solution's key features include: Trusted and Fast Analytics Anywhere Data analysis for everyone Enhanced reporting and visualization 34

Cognos Analytics. WHATS NEW? Redesigned users interface Reporting available in front screen Dashboards can be created using drag and drop Automatic recommendation of the best visualizations per the data Templates and styles let you format reports instantly

On-demand menus for access to full capabilities 35 What can Cognos Analytics do? Smart Search reporting? Instant Graph? 36

Click icon to add picture Data Modeling for Cognos Analytics? Data modeling features A complete web-based interface Easy upload of personal and external data Direct reporting from data sources Effortlessly combine data sources Automatic data model generation based on keywords

37 Data Modeling for Cognos Analytics? 38 Q&A

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