ICR Lesson 6 - Weebly

ICR Lesson 6 - Weebly

ICR Lesson 6 9.ICR. 2 EVALUATE ABSTINENCE FROM SEXUAL INTERCOURSE AS A POSITIVE CHOICE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE 9.ICR.2.2 EXPLAIN THE CONSEQUENCES OF EARLY AND UNPROTECTED SEXUAL BEHAVIORS Review- Carousel Brainstorming Warm Up Make 4 columns on your ICR Notes Label the 4 columns Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Social

Health Under those columns, list what it means to be healthy under those domains Statement of Objectives We know we need to be healthy in several domains: physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Making healthy choices or taking risks can affect all these domains of our lives. Today we will talk about the benefits of sexual

abstinence in all the domains of health The future is NOW Lets apply this quotation to being a teenager and planning for the future. On your ICR Notes, write 5 behaviors you might practice today which would determine the quality of your life in the years ahead

Make sure to include that at least 2 decisions are health-related List 5 decisions you will make today What is Sexual Abstinence? Voluntarily refraining from intimate sexual behavior which could lead to unintended pregnancy or disease Includes oral, anal, or vaginal sex

Why be abstinent? Personal Reasons: Not ready/too young Could disrupt future plans and dreams Waiting till marriage

Want to protect reputation Might have serious regrets Why be abstinent? Health Reasons: To avoid unintended pregnancy

To avoid a sexually transmitted disease To avoid cervical cancer (females) To avoid stress and lower self-esteem Some consequences are life-altering (such as an STD which cannot be cured or an unintended pregnancy).

Why be abstinent? Relationships Reasons: Dont want to hurt or be hurt Dont want to disappoint parents Want to build a friendship

Want to have trust and commitment in the relationship To practice skills needed for fidelity in marriage What strategies are helpful? Avoid risky situations: Avoid alcohol and drugs

Avoid places and situations which could lead to sex Plan to be with others or supervised by adults What strategies are helpful? Communicate effectively: Set personal limits and

express those to the other person Be confident in the decision Say no firmly Be consistent with body language

What strategies are helpful? Try to maintain the friendship UNLESS the person appears to disrespect your wishes by: Continuing Trying to pressure you to force you Encouraging you to use alcohol or drugs

What strategies are helpful? Have a Plan B: If someone continues to pressure you beyond your personal limits, what will you do? Hmmm . . . What should I do? Who supports your decision to be abstinent? Parent(s), guardian(s)

Peers who respect your values Teachers, counselors, nurses Faith leaders

Youth leaders Extended family Guided Practice Whatcha Think Gonna Say Worksheet about the skills you have just seen and apply the concepts to share advice with a classmate

Independent Practice Geometry Review Complete the questions on the Geometry Review Closure Most

of us know the health reasons for avoiding intimate sexual behavior. There are equally important reasons to choose abstinence to protect our social and emotional health. We can see abstinence is the best choice for young people

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