Idaho State University

Idaho State University

IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY Early College Program Joining High School Students and Instructors with the University Campus, Resources, and Faculty Session Overview Idaho State Universitys Early College Program (ECP) ISU courses offered on a high school campus Programs joining ECP high school students and instructors with the university campus, resources, and faculty Question and Answer ISU Early College Program

Credit or Delivery Options for HS students Hillcrest High School ISU courses taught on the ISU campus or at an ISU center ISU approved courses taught on the high school campus Distance learning and web courses Tech Prep AP course and CLEP exam Century High School Pocatello High School Bridging the gap between the university and high school students and instructors

ISU Courses Taught on a High School Campus This fall ISU has nearly 1,000 high school students enrolled in 70 courses offered at 20 different high school campuses Some high schools are as far as 162 miles from campus or a 3 hour and 30 minute drive ISU Courses Offered on a High School Campus Instructed by a High School Instructor as Approved ISU Adjunct Instructor American Government Anatomical Foundations of Human Activity Biology I Biology I Lab Biology II Biology II Lab Brief Calculus

Calculus I College Algebra Critical Reading and Writing Elementary French I Elementary French II Elementary German I Elementary German II Elementary Spanish I Elementary Spanish II Foundations of Western Civilization Health Education Intro to Allied Health Professions Intro to Engineering Intro to Literature Intro to Tele-Health Personal Finance Study Skills Trigonometry US History to 1865

US History from 1865 to present ISU History of Courses on HS Campus Aberdeen High School American Falls High School Blackfoot High School Century High School Gooding High School Highland High School Hillcrest High School Idaho Leadership Academy Madison High School Meridian Medical Arts Charter School North Gem High School Pocatello High School Pocatello Teen Parent Center High School Preston High School Rigby High School

Snake River High School Soda Springs High School Encouraging HS Instructor Access to the University Campus, Resources, and Faculty HS instructors receive adjunct instructor privileges HS instructors invited to participate within new faculty orientation on campus HS instructors work with a faculty member from the academic department assigned as a liaison Encouraging HS Student Access to the University Campus, Resources,

and Faculty HS students receive an ISU Bengal ID card with student privileges HS students/parents invited to a dinner on ISU campus to meet ISU faculty members HS students/classes encouraged to visit ISU campus Emails/letters sent to students ISU Bengal ID Card Student Privileges Program Board Activities Library Theatre ISU- $1 Movies - Free

Dances - Free Holt Arena Reed Gym - $25/semester Outdoor Program Wilderness Rental Center Access to Games area Craft Shop Early College Program Student/Parent Dinner with ISU Faculty Letter inviting students and parents to come to campus and have dinner with ISU faculty Ask for RSVP with student academic areas of interest Seat students and parents

with faculty from academic area of interest listed ISU undergraduate/graduate students also attended ECP Dinner Program 6:15 Check-in, Menu Selection and Seating Assignment 6:30 Dinner Served 6:45 Introduction Ms. Melisa Moon Director Early College Program Welcome Dr. James Pratt, Dean College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Lee Krehbiel, Asst. Dean Student Affairs FYS/CLASS and Honors

Dr. Alan Frantz Faculty Asst. for Special Projects Academic Opportunities for High School Students: Dr. Maureen Brandon, Biological Sciences 7:30 Faculty/Staff Introductions Dr. Alan Frantz 8:00 8:30 Questions & Answer/Faculty & Staff 8:30 9:00 Follow-up Discussion; Info Tables Background guitar music provided by Bill OBrien What did you like best about the evening? Very informative Opportunity to hear about separate programs The chance to mingle with faculty, everyone was so friendly and

welcoming ECP Dinner ISU Faculty Members What did you like best about the evening? Meeting the professors Getting to know the faculty Comments from the faculty, especially the feature on the high school students who were working on research projects Dr. James Pratt, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences Dr. Nancy Bowers, Biology, ITRC Dr. Maureen Brandon, Biological Sciences

Dr. Alan Frantz, Educational Leadership Dr. Cindy Hill, Economics Dr. John Gribas, Speech Communication Dr. Scott Hughes, Chair, Geosciences Dr. John Kijinski, Assoc. Dean Arts & Sciences Dr. Cathy Kriloff, Mathematics Dr. Ronald McCune, Biochemistry Dr. Sarah Partlow, Forensics, Communications Dr. Carla Wiggins, Chair, Health Care Administration Ms. Erin Francfort, Health & Nutrition Sciences Dr. Joseph Steiner, Dean, College of Pharmacy Dr. Paul Cady, Assoc. Dean, College of Pharmacy Mr. Mark Bezik, College of Business Dr. Deb Hedeen, Assist. Dean, College of Education Dr. Ken Bosworth, College of Engineering Dr. Habib Sadid, College of Engineering ECP ISU Dinner with Faculty

Photos 2004 ECP Classes Visit ISU Main Campus HS Class Visit Request Form Last Name First Name High School City State Zip Phone Number ISU Course Email Address Arrival Time Departure Time Date of Visit Total Number Visiting

ECP Classes Visit ISU Main Campus ISU Campus Visit/Tour Turner Dining Hall ISU Campus Morning Academic Activity: Language Lab Cadaver Lab Library Research Workshop Etc. Lunch-Turner Dining Hall (faculty member invited to lunch)

Afternoon Campus Fun: Craft Shop (clay, tie-dye, hemp bracelets) Disco Bowling Billiards/Ping Pong Reed Gym Climbing Wall Etc. (ISU student participates if possible) Last year over 300 high school students in approximately 15 ISU classes offered on the High school campus

visited/toured ISU. Sample Class Visit/Tour of ISU Campus Challis High School ISU Tour Day Challis High School contact: Jette Morache 30 Students and 2 adults 7:00 am leave Challis High School 10:00 am arrive ISU campus/Drop off outside of Library 10:00-12:00 am Library Workshop and Research 12:00-12:45 Lunch Garrison/Turner Dining Hall 12:45-1:15 Campus Tour/Bengal ID cards 1:15-2:00 Reed Gym Options Climbing Wall Basketball/Tennis 2:00-3:00 SUB Options Disco Bowling Craft Shop 3:00 Depart ISU- Bus will pick up students outside SUB Movie Theater

Bioinformatics High school students and instructors explore the process, methods and practice of science. Developing independent research topics and working alongside undergraduate students and faculty members from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Summer Bioinformatics Academy is funded in part by a National Institutes of Health Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network grant 2 week program HS students earn $500

BIOS 397 credit BYRP Biology Youth Research Program The Biology Youth Research Program is a dual purpose project designed to provide professional development to graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences and to provide high school students with exposure to college level research projects. Program runs every semester BIOS 397 credit Congratulations to BYRP students Aman and Eugene and their mentor Janet Bala for the 1st prize in the Undergraduate Research Competition!

More BYRP Mentor Tracy Hudson and BRYP Participant Krisi isolate microorganisms from Antartica. Mentor Mitch Day and BYRP participant Brant set up a polymerase chain reaction as part of their research on extragenomics. Idaho Accelerator Center Physics Department Summer Internship Program 8 week program Room and Board $25 per day food stipend (5 days/week, $1,000) PHYS 481 credit Paid $8.50 per hour

(40 hour week, $2,720) Melisa Moon 208.282.7800

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