IEEE and IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Vincenzo ...

IEEE and IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Vincenzo ...

Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report June 20, 2013 Members: Piero Bonissone (Chair), Rami Abielmona, David Fogel, Vincenzo Piuri, Enrique Ruspini, Gary Yen Overview Mandate for OpsMan: Constitution, BL Roadmap for the OpsMan Summary

OpsMan in CIS Constitution CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE II BYLAWS AND OPERATIONS MANUAL Section 2. A Society Operations Manual shall be established for the purposes of providing the detailed procedures according to which the Society operates, is administered, and realizes its activities, by implementing the principles defined in this Constitution and the guidelines described

in the Societys Bylaws. OpsMan in CIS Bylaws CIS Bylaws refers to the OpsMan in five instances: [II.4] CIS members at any IEEE grade have the same privileges and rights, unless otherwise stated in the CIS Constitution, these Bylaws, or the CIS Operations Manual. [XI.1.b] the ADCOM is responsible for:

approving governance regulations, including amendments to the Constitution, these Bylaws and the Operations Manual, [XI.16.a]The Constitution and Bylaws Committee is responsible for maintaining the CIS governing documents the Operations Manual, [XI.30.f]The Representatives [to other IEEE units] have the authority defined in those regulations and report to the Officer defined in the CIS Operations Manual. [XIII.6.f]The term of service of the Chairperson [of the Nominations Committee] - if different from the Immediate Past President or the Past

President - and the members of the Nominations Committee is specified in the Operations Manual. OpMan: 2013 Roadmap Started with initial versions of OpsMan from D. Fogel (2009) OpsMan from J. Zuradas files (2012) Working with CBL Committee members and Jo-Ellen to: a) Collecting existing relevant motions approved by the ADCOM (Jo Ellen)

b) Asked VPs for new relevant policies and procedures related content c) Collecting existing CIS best practices: public version - on web: checklist of what needs to be covered; private version - passed to new chairs (hints on how to do it): for the following events: -Large conferences (WCCI, SSCI) - Chapters -Small conferences - Travel grants -Competitions

Work by email, present draft for ADCOM approval in Dec 2013, and for review by EXCOM in the interim perio Notes: only b) needs approval by ADCOM; c) are links and appendices (b) VP Material Summary Status: 5 Green = Done

3 Yellow = In Progress 2+3 Orange = Not started (c) Best Practices Summary Questions ?

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