IMPACT Employee Assistance Program - University of Cincinnati

IMPACT Employee Assistance Program - University of Cincinnati

Its a Balancing Act: Working & Caring for Others Kelsey Loushin, LICDC-CS, CDP President, Eldercare Professionals of Ohio, LLC Care-giver Coach, Counselor, Professional Trainer Copyright 2011 by IMPACT Solutions, All Rights Reserved. This document may not be reproduced or duplicated in whole or in part by any means whatsoever without the prior written authorization of IMPACT Solutions. IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Agenda: Who are employees & care-givers

Discuss issues when both occur simultaneously Learn how to balance Offer resources IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Just when you think Ive got this! IMPACT Employee Assistance Program What are we attempting to balance? Family issues; childcare, illness, academics,

transitions, eldercare, marriage, divorce, death, finances, etc. Work issues; new roles & responsibilities (be careful what you ask for), schedule changes, income changes, change within the organization, travel demands, etc. AT THE SAME TIME! IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Work & care-giver rules are many times the same

Be on time? Meet deadlines? Get along well with others? Hold other people accountable? Stay within budget?

Develop and implement new policies? Train new employees? Organize & run meetings? Leave on-time? IMPACT Employee Assistance Program What is a caregiver anyway? A caregiver, sometimes called an informal caregiver. Unpaid individual (spouse, partner, family member, friend, or neighbor) assisting others with activities of daily living (ADLs) and/or medical tasks.

IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Activities of Daily Living (ADL)the beginning Bathing: includes grooming activities such as shaving, & brushing teeth & hair. Dressing: choosing appropriate garments & being able to dress & undress, having no trouble with buttons, zippers or other fasteners. Eating: being able to feed oneself. Transferring: being able to walk, if not ambulatory, being

able to transfer oneself from bed to wheelchair & back. Continence: being able to control ones bowels & bladder, or manage ones incontinence independently. Toileting: being able to use the toilet. IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Caregiving & working side by side IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Work adjustments 6 out of 10 (61%) experience at least one change in

employment such as cutting back work hours, taking leave of absence, receiving a warning about performance and/or attendance, among others. 49% arrive late/leave early/take time off, 15% take a leave of absence, 14% reduce their hours/take a demotion, 7% receive a warning about performance/attendance, 5% turn down a promotion, 4% choose early retirement, 3% lose job benefits, and 6% give up working entirely. Work is affected even more with co-residence (27%), high burden (73%), primary caregivers (66%), and caregivers involving medical/nursing

tasks (70%). IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Impact on working caregivers 70% of working caregivers suffer work-related difficulties due to their dual roles. Only 56% of caregivers report that their work supervisor is aware of their caregiving responsibilities. Many feel they have no choice about taking on caregiving responsibilities (49%).

This is even higher in caregivers that provide 21 or more hours of care per week (59%) & live-in caregivers (64%). IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Dementia 17% of caregivers of those with dementia quit their jobs either before or after assuming caregiving responsibilities. 54% arrive to their place of work late or leave early, 15% take a leave of absence, and

9% quit their jobs in order to continue providing care. 10 million caregivers aged 50+ who care for their parents lose an estimated $3 trillion in wages, pensions, retirement funds, and benefits. IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Best Practices for Removing Barriers to Equal Employment The following six (6) employer practices are recommended: Adopt a policy valuing caregiver employees based on job performance rather than holding them to outdated

assumptions that they are not committed to their jobs. Allow workplace flexibility, which provides alternate work arrangements: flex-time, compressed workweeks (i.e., working 10 hour days), part-time or working fewer hours for part of the year, & telecommuting. For hourly employees on more strict schedules, do away with no-fault absenteeism policies that provide termination based on number of tardies or absences no matter the reason. IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Provide education & training to supervisors &

managers about having caregivers on the job & what constitutes caregiver discrimination. Offer eldercare support, resources, & referral services to caregiver employees. By doing so, employers benefit from better worker retention, improved productivity, lower stress, improved moral & physical health among workers. Implement recruitment practices for persons with eldercare responsibilities to target the hiring of skilled caregiver individuals or who are looking to reenter the job market after caring. [Williams, J. C., Devaux, R., Petrac, P., & Feinberg, L. (2012). Protecting Family Caregivers from Employment

Discrimination.] IMPACT Employee Assistance Program IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Elder care Continuum; begin here IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Care-giving Rule #1: On an airplane, an oxygen mask descends in front of you. What do you do?

Rule #1; put your own mask on before assisting anyone. Only by first helping ourselves can we effectively help others. KEEP YOUR PRIMARY ROLE; I am a daughter who is helping with caregiving! IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Care-giving Rule #2: Accept help Make decision about care location. Bring in experts. If hiring a professional provider, get references, & contact them!

If you dont have money to pay for professional help, & dont feel comfortable asking friends, turn to volunteers. Churches, senior centers, 4H clubs, HS community service organizations, colleges that train nurses and social workers. Let volunteers sort mail, go grocery shopping, do laundry, pay social visits, help them at mealtime, drive them to appointments. Bring in the experts IMPACT Employee Assistance Program

Legal expert; Elderlaw and/or Special Needs Attorney; Medicaid planning, asset preservation, VA benefit determination & application: Free Medicare support: OSHIP: Medicaid: Nursing Home compare: Assisted Living compare: VA Benefits; Aid & Attendance for home care: ound.asp

IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Care-giver self-promises I have choiceI can say no.

I will put myself first. I will take time for myself and my partner. I will establish a routine. I will ask for help. I can say yes, maybe, later, or no. I will pay attention to my own feelings & needs. I will remind myself that this is my one life to live. IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Self care & care of family unit Take respite: yearly vacation, plus weekly

& daily respite. Nurture your partner. Establish a routinebut expect interruption. Ask employer for more flexible work schedule, possibly leave provisions. Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993. Counseling, online support, self-help groups. Resources IMPACT Employee Assistance Program

Smart Patients: Patients like me: family/caregiving/ caregiving-tools/ National Caregiver Alliance National Caregivers Library IMPACT Employee Assistance Program

For Further Assistance Contact the IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program by Calling 800-227-6007 or Visiting

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