Implementation Tools - SFH brief background & application tools

Implementation Tools - SFH brief background & application tools

Skills for Health A brief overview of competences and the work we do! Prabhjit Kaur Manager for Wales

Content of presentation Who are Skills for Health? Competences and workforce development Accessing and using competences

Introduction to Skills for Health Licensed in 2004 as the Sector Skills Council for Health by the Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) under the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) Formed with the backing of the four UK health departments (DoH), independent health sector, voluntary

organisations and staff associations 1 of 25 SSCs licensed by DfES; working collaboratively through the Skills for Business Network to share NOS and work projects e.g. Work with Skills for Justice, Skills for Care & Development, AssetSkills

How can Skills for Health assist with workforce development? Profile the UK workforce Identify and articulate sector skill needs Drive forward and manage national workforce competences

Improve workforce skills Influence provision of education, training and development What are National Occupational Standards?

Are competences agreed by the UK Education Act Regulatory Bodies (QCA, ACCAC etc.) Same format and development process as National Workforce Competences Are recognised across the UK therefore are transferable

Competences links to NHS KSF All Skills for Health competences linked to KSF Link clearly identified Give specifics to NHS KSF dimensions and

levels Enable appraisal and Personal Development Plans to be developed using KSF post outline with specific applications of National Workforce Competences / NOS

However remember. Linked but separate competences are NOT necessarily linked to pay KSF is broad competences are detailed All competences match across to KSF electronic tool to read across / drill down is on

our website SfH is on the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) Board Competences Building blocks & applications

Building Blocks Framework applications Other Applications

National Workforce Competences Competences grouped by a related function or context e.g.

Competences assembled into structures for specific purposes e.g. Mental Health Services

Team Development Remote and Rural Career Development

Coronary Heart Disease Qualifications National Occupational

Standards NOS & NWC What do people, clients, patients and their carers need? For use by anyone working in any role, within any field of practice, at all levels, in all UK geographical locations

Competences are fundamentally about the function being performed not who does it, where it is done etc Patient-centred, UK-wide recognised, transferable competences Key issues for health Huge, complex sector - NHS, independent and voluntary employers

Need for growth and change world class workforce Key skills shortages particularly in specialised areas such as diagnostics Highly professionalised and regulated workforce Increased need for up-skilling particularly support workers Major pay reform allied to skills / competence

Huge direct training expenditure Historical lack of investment in non-professional workforce Key policies demanding more and different skills Service improvement

Process re-design Local Service problem Role re-design

Service Redesigned New Roles identified Knowledge and Skills needed Detailed competences required Analysis of training needs PDPs agreed

Evaluate and Review... NHS KSF NOS Application purposes

Individual Role Descriptions Induction / Appraisal Personal Development Planning / Career Development Team Profiling and Development / OD / Succession Planning & Promotion Workforce Planning / Service Reviews / Redesign /

Performance Management Clinical Governance Education Commissioning / Learning Programmes Design Qualifications Frameworks and Qualifications Workforce development

tools Current functionality Current tools allow creation of KSF profiles from competences and vice versa. Search the database Construct a role / roles Manage a team Develop a service

Identify the resource consequences of skills mix change Track changes resulting from skills mix change Competence Application Tools A brief overview

Prabhjit Kaur Manager for Wales What are our key products? Competences as building blocks: National Workforce Competences (NWC)

National Occupational Standards (NOS) Why use application tools? To assist the sector to embed and implement NWC and NOS into learning and practice

Step 1: Register on-line Registration continued Application Tools The developments

An improved search function Improved filtering of the results from the KSF mapping tool A new Team Profiling tool A new Team Assessment tool Increased functions within Role & Team profiles e.g.

move, copy delete Interactive guides Step by step instructions & feedback function Application Tools The developments

Application Tools The developments Application Tools Finding competences

Example of an advanced search Results

Creating & saving lists of competences Role Profiling Tool Team Profiling Tool Role Profiles

Role Profiles Example for Service Manager Role Profiles Example of Team Leader

Role Profiles OR Role Profiles

Improved search engine Can hide competencies that are not

needed Example: Ability to hide unnecessary competences Summary with indicative links

to NHS KSF User-friendly competence print-outs Role profile mapped to

NHS KSF Results Application Tools The developments

Performing assessments using: Role profiles using the individual self assessment Team profiles using the team assessment tool Self Assessment Tool

Creating a Team Assessment Creating a Team Assessment

Team Assessment continued Results Team Assessment continued

- Another view! Future developments! The Health Functional Mapping Tool Another way of locating and searching competencies through domains

Health Functional Mapping Tool (Browsing option) Health Functional Mapping Tool (using the Wizard)

For more information contact: Prabhjit Kaur / Maria Whittaker 01978 310999 / 07768995962 [email protected] /

[email protected]

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