Indiana 211 Partnership Texting Hub - AIRS

Indiana 211 Partnership Texting Hub - AIRS

INDIANA 211 PARTNERSHIP TEXTING HUB Cheryl Graham Director, 211 United Way of Howard County Ann Hartman Executive Director, Connect2Help211 AIRS Conference Presentation - May 21, 2017 IN211 TEXTING HUB GOALS Provide new 211 service delivery method Create additional Center capacity

Leverage capacity of Indiana 211 system Create backup coverage during a disaster Manage call volume related to seasonal programs INITIAL IMPLEMENTATION APRIL 2016 3 IN211 Centers begin texting pilot,

offering service to 46 Indiana counties M-F 10am-4pm PHASE TWO SEPTEMBER 2016 3 more IN211 Centers join texting pilot, expanding service to

84 Indiana counties M-F 10am-4pm TEXTING PLATFORM IS INTUITIVE AND EASY TO TRAIN Texting Queue Conversation queue Notes, data markers, survey information


Open to start the text. CONVERSATION QUEUE Link to entire referral listing from the online resource database Referral texted directly from I&R software into texting software

Texters response Canned message sent by Specialist Auto-message generated by texting platform when new text is received. NOTES, DATA MARKERS, SURVEY INFORMATION XXXXXXX Texters phone number

IN211 Texting Hub includes the contact ID from the I&R software program in the Notes field Data markers can be customized Each text is scheduled for an automated outcome survey 2 weeks after the initial text

CANNED MESSAGES ADD EFFICIENCY Canned messages can be added and grouped by topic to make texting professional, consistent and fast. Make this bigger? TEXTING PLATFORM SUPPORTS BACKUP WITH SIMPLE INTER-AGENCY NOTIFICATIONS Clicking on the word change allows you to enter another Centers queue

Notification that a text is waiting in another Centers queue Click on the link to go directly to the other Centers queue REFERRALS ARE AUTOMATICALLY SENT FROM I&R SOFTWARE TO TEXTING SOFTWARE

Text referral from I&R software and it automatically shows up in the texting software TEXT ZIP CODE TO 898211 TO START THE DEMO ALL SITES ARE CONFIGURED WITH THE SAME OUTCOME SURVEY

Text platform automatically sends fully automated outcome surveys 14 days after the original text Outcome data is captured in the texting software Aggregated survey data demonstrates I&R outcomes IN211 TEXTING HUB PROVIDES BACKUP COVERAGE DURING A DISASTER In August of 2016, Howard County was hit by several tornadoes. Texts were handled by the other IN211 Centers, while United Way of Howard County waited for power to be restored. For an additional week, the Hub handled texts while 211 UWHC staff worked with people affected by the disaster.

Data on needs was collected and reported to keep community stakeholders informed during the disaster. SHARED PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS DELIVER A CONSISTENT,

PROFESSIONAL MESSAGE United Way of Howard County created the 2-1-1 Promotional Materials Library to help spread the word about I&R texting program. All documents are PDFs and United Way of Howard County will insert your logos and info. Just reach out through one the following links: keting-materials

SEASONAL PUSH OUT MESSAGES HELP MANAGE CALL VOLUME Phone numbers are collected in I&R software for push out messages related to seasonal programs. Phone numbers can be added manually

or uploaded via an Excel spreadsheet. Sending push out messages with specific program information helps manage call volume. COMMUNITY REPORTS Data from texts are aggregated and

used to create reports for funders, planners, and key community stakeholders. DEMONSTRATATION Text: 4YOU to 898211

Participants that opt-in will receive a link to free promotional materials referenced in this presentation and for uses as may be appropriate at their location. Courtesy of Indiana 211 CONTACT INFORMATION Cheryl Graham, CIRS Director | 211 United Way of Howard County [email protected] / 765.457.4357 Ann Hartman Executive Director | Connect2Help211

[email protected] / 317.735.7591 Prevention Pays Text [email protected] / / 805.653.6000

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