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INFLUENCES TO SPORT WHAT INFLUENCED YOU? Write a small paragraph about how you got involved in sport. Think about why you may have chosen a certain sport? Is there another sport you would like to try but can for any particular reason? INFLUENCES Categories: People Image Cultural Resources Health Socioeconomic

Categories and Influences People Image Culture Resourc es Health and Wellbeing

SocioEconomi c Family Fashion Disability Access Injury Cost

Peers Media Age Availabilit y Illness Gender Location

Race/ Ethnicity Time RoleModels PEOPLE Family Peers Role Models PEOPLE Family

Children tend to follow the activities that their parent did or support the same team. E.g. Dad played rugby so I do. Peers People tend to be happier or more likely to participate if their friends also participate. E.g. I wanted to go to badminton at lunch but none of my friends wanted to go. PEOPLE CONTINUED Role Models: People like David Beckham, Usain

Bolt all inspire others to take part in their chosen sport. They also carry the responsibilities such as not getting involved in 2. IMAGE Fashion Media

2. IMAGE Fashion: You often need the right equipment to take part in sport. Some brands of sports gear are more fashionable than others so is also more expensive. Some sports are more fashionable than others. e.g. Snowboarding, Football, Basketball and Surfing are seen as more modern and cool. Other sports such as bowls, ballroom dancing, curling, power walking are not as fashionable with young people. http: // www

.yout ube. com/ watc h?v =o0 7Ng vLD A6k http:// .com/watch?v =1PrR4PjDF8 M

Media: When an event is shown on TV sports participation in that sport often become more popular. E.g. more people take up Tennis when Wimbledon is on. 3. CULTURAL FACTORS Disability Race

Gender Age 3. CULTURAL FACTORS http:// m/watch?v=7JB oI08tSMU Disability People with disabilities can now take part in many activities. More opportunities and resources

are now increasing. Race Taking up sport may be influenced by ethnic background. E.g. there are few black golfers; Asian women struggle to get in to sport. lim-women-overcame-odds-make-London.html http:// www.youtu tch?v=WFJ Z5KF3_NI 3. CULTURAL FACTORS CONTINUED Age More people take part in sport when they are younger than when they are older. There are however a lot of age restrictions on sports e.g. only over 18 in the London marathon There are more and more sports becoming available to older age groups e.g. over 50s swimming classes

http:// .com/watch? v=ZC0gzBA3 QpI http://w ww.yout m/watc h?v=zV Aui4alvs Y http://w

ww.yout m/watc h?v=Q mzqPx1 rHq0 3. CULTURAL FACTORS CONTINUED. Gender: Most activities are no longer restricted to Men or Women. Some activates are however more associated with men than women and vice versa. E.g. men may struggle to find a

netball team to play in Often Female rugby teams or cricket teams are often taken less seriously and struggle for numbers. http:// 4. RESOURCES Availability

Location Access to facilities Time 4. RESOURCES Availability People need suitable facilities and resources to take part in activities e.g. local clubs such as: Rokt, Old Brods, Brighouse Juniors, Brighouse Swimming club. Location Participation in sports can depend on where you live. E.g. Winter sports (need mountains with snow), Rugby

League v Rugby Union, Diving Centres. 4. RESOURCES CONTINUED. Access to Facilities For example some places may require transport by car or public services. It can depend on whats available in your local area e.g. a climbing wall. Nearest athletics track is Halifax, nearest Rounders league is Saddleworth, nearest rowing club is Shiply- relies on parents having time and car. Time Having the time available around work or studies.

More leisure centres are now running late night openings or clubs train after work/school hours. 5. HEALTH AND WELLBEING Illnesses & injuries can limit peoples ability to participate. e.g. asthmatics may find running activities difficult, people with arthritis find sport painful. Illness such as stomach bugs can put athletes out of training and competition 6. SOCIO-ECONOMIC Cost

Hire of facilities Cost of Lessons Cost of Equipment Cost of Club/membership fees All depend on how wealthy you are or what you can afford. Running may be inexpensive but golf requires golf clubs, membership fees, lessons, dress code etc. TEST. B-D Grade Name 3 categories that influence participation in sport A*-A Grade

Give examples of how each could affect participation. TASK Attempt Past and Example Exam Qs

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