Iniciativas innovadoras de financiamiento para la respuesta ...

Iniciativas innovadoras de financiamiento para la respuesta ...

EXPERIENCE OF EL SALVADOR WITH THE NEW FUNDING MODEL OF THE GLOBAL FUND Dr. Ana Isabel Nieto Gmez Ministry of Health El Salvador Seoul, October 7, 2013. EL SALVADOR, CENTRAL AMERICA 20,742 Km 6,288,899 population 47% male 53% female HIV cases in El Salvador 1984-2013* 29,788, Cases

4 new Cases per day Multisectoral Response CONASIDA PEOPLE WITH VIH CCM HIV COOPERATIO N MINISTRY OF HEALTH Political will and commitment

National STD / HIV in close liaison with Madame Minister Subcommittees of the NAC: Monitoring and Evaluation, Legislation, Technical and Communications Legal Technical Instruments: Clinical Guidelines, Technical Guidelines, Strategies, technical and administrative manuals Institutional capacity building

Improved information systems related to HIV: SUMEVE, SINAB, SIAP Joint analysis of the problems of supply and supply chain and staff participation Suppliers, Warehouse, Medical Advisory hospitals providing ART, DIRMED, DTIC and Programme Provide equipment and supplies needed for staff to develop their work Cooperation alignment

National Multisectoral Strategic Plan 2011-2015, funded National Plan 2011-2015 Monitoring and Evaluation Diagnosis of the country's HIV response by expert evaluators Global Fund in 2011 in response to invitation to NSA Country Profile 2011 ahead of R7 grant consolidation and RCC Cooperation alingment Consultations multisectoral dialogue

2013 for the NFM country Submission of Concept Note early application to the Global Fund based on the new funding model Driving a proposal for the elimination of malaria and Mesoamerica and the Isle La Espaola brought to the Global Fund on 6 September, currently underway in the Technical Review Panel Results of cooperation PAHO/WHO: evaluation of information systems, purchase of ARVs through the Strategic Fund, Mission 2.0

PEPFAR: technical assistance SINAB assessment, adaptation of the system, training in use of tools: Quantimed, Pipeline, estimates of ARVs and reagents, supplies supply chain, laboraty, analysis of strategic information, health system strengthening Global Fund: recruitment of human resources, equipment, supplies, training, research. Results of cooperation The Global Fund support is important because it has the opening to support the various sectors that contribute to the national response to HIV and to cover the gaps identified in the national strategic plan

The working dynamics allows the growth of civil society organizations and groups at highest vulnerability in a human rights framework, understanding and respect among all national stakeholders Recomendations In the response to HIV in El Salvador it is important: Know the epidemic, Identify gaps, Include all stakeholders in the analysis of information, decision making and accountability Maintain good communication and transparent Cronograma de la NMF El Salvador 2013 Invitacin a NMF

28 de febrero PRT Demanda de calidad no financiada Comit de Aprobacin de Subvenciones (GAC) Determinar /aprobar el monto mximo Nota conceptual Elaboracin de

subvenciones Fondo incentivo Sumisin de Nota Conceptual al PRT 04 Marzo al 05 de Abril Clarificaciones Misin Gerente y equipo Decisin del PRT

15 al 19 abril Clarificacion es al PRT Abril Aprobacin del GAC 03 de Junio 1 de Mayo Negociacin Plan de compras

13 al 17 Negociacin 22 al 28 mayo Mayo Aprobacin Board 18 de junio $26,9 millones!!! Firma del Acuerdo de Subvencin 21 de Junio

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