International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

Miami Beach Senior High School IB- Scholars Academy Presentation November 8, 2018 Program Administrators Principal: Dr. Maria T. Rodriguez Assistant Principal: Dr. Blanca Correa-Cespedes IB Coordinator: Mr. Carlos Rodriguez Pre-IB/ Scholars Coordinator: Counselor: Ms. Sylvia Carro

Ms. Charmaine Williams What are the Academy Requirements? Incoming 9th graders must have completed Honors Physical Science and Honors Algebra 1. Must have a 3.00 gpa. Incoming 11th graders must have completed at least Honors Algebra 2 and maintained at least a 2.75 avg in their High School Classes. Applications for both the Pre-IB Scholars and the IBDP Program are available online on the school website starting November 1st Hard copy applications must be received at the IB-Scholars Office no later than February 1st Link to applications Under IB- Scholars Academy Scholars and IB Program Flow Chart Students apply in 8th grade and enter in 9th grade to the Pre-IB Scholars Program. The First two years are a preparatory program that prepares students for the rigor and expectations of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or Scholars Advanced Academic Program. In December of their sophomore year, the student decides whether to apply for the IB

Diploma Program or remain in the Scholars Program. Miami Beach Sr. High School is one of six IB Diploma Programs in Miami Dade Public Schools and the only nonmagnet Program. Miami Beach Sr High School is the only school in the USA that offers IB Portuguese. IB- Scholars Program International Diploma Program Scholars- Advanced Academics Internationally Recognized Program State Recognized Program Students complete AP and IB courses that give them college credits

Students complete AP and Dual Enrollment courses for college credits. Those that obtain the IB Diploma qualify for complete Florida Bright Futures Scholarships Students can earn up t 2 years college credit. Allows students more flexibility in terms of electives. State Universities grant an entire year of credits for the IB Diploma.

It is considered a rigorous academic program at our school. It is the most rigorous academic program at the school Pre-IB/ Scholars Years 10th Grade 9th Grade Honors English 1 Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra 2 Honors Algebra 2 or Honors Pre-Calculus AP Human Geography AP World History Honors Biology or Honors Chemistry Honors Chemistry or Honors Physics Spanish, French or Portuguese Level 1 or higher

Spanish, French or Portuguese Level 2 or higher Pre-IB Inquiry Skills Elective Personal Fitness/ Health Elective Elective Elective AP English Language 11th Grade AP English Literature AP Spanish Language , AP French Language, IB French SL, IB Spanish SL, IB Portuguese SL AP U.S. History IB Biology SL, IB Chemistry SL, IB Physics SL AP Calculus AB or IB Pre-Calculus AP Psychology or IB Geography SL Extended Essay-CAS and Theory of Knowledge 1

Elective AP English Literature or AP English Language Foreign Language AP or Level 3,4 AP US History AP Sciences. Honors Physics or Chemistry AP Calculus AB or AP Stats, Honors Calculus, Stats or Pre Calculus Electives Electives Electives At least THREE AP or Dual Enrollment classes 12th Grade IB English Literature HL IB Spanish Language HL , IB French Language HL, IB French SL, IB Spanish SL, IB Portuguese SL IB History of Americas HL IB Biology SL, IB Chemistry SL, IB Physics SL or Elective IB Mathematics SL or IB Math Studies SL IB Psychology HL or IB Geography SL or Elective Extended Essay-CAS and Theory of Knowledge 1

Elective- AP Calculus BC AP English Literature or Dual Enrollment Writing and Rhetoric Foreign Language AP or Humanities AP US Government and Economics AP Sciences. AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB or AP Stats, Honors Calculus, Stats Electives Electives Electives At least THREE AP or Dual Enrollment classes In the Six years of the International Diploma Program at Miami Beach Senior High School 328 IB Students have completed the program 255 received their IB Diplomas 77.7% IB Diploma rate 1968 IB exams taken 1615 IB exams passed 82.1% exam passing rate 100% College acceptance What is the International

Baccalaureate Diploma Program? The Diploma Programme Curriculum Framework is made up of the following: Students study concurrently: Three subjects at Higher Level (HL) (240 hours each). Three subjects at Standard Level (SL) (150 hours each). All three elements of the core (Extended Essay - 4,000 word essay; Theory of Knowledge; Creativity, Action and Service CAS 150 hours across 2 years). Sample Colleges Acceptances Harvard University Princeton University Yale University Dartmouth College

Stanford University University of Toronto Cornell University U. California-Berkeley Emory University U.Penn-Wharton Duke University

Boston College Columbia University University of Miami U. North Carolina Vanderbilt University University of Colorado

Tulane University Barnard College University of South Florida University of Michigan Mc Gill University Florida State University University of Chicago

NYU Brandeis University USC University of Florida Boston University Syracuse University Questions and Answers

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