Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying Helping you to keep us safe in our digital world Company LOGO Aims of the Session 1. 1. To Tolearn learn more more about about helping

helping us us to to stay staysafe safeonline online 2. 2. To Tolearn learn more more about about what whatwe

we get get up up to to online! online! 3. 3. To Tounderstand understand more moreabout aboutwhere whereto toseek

seek help help ICT - a way of life! Communicate with others Playing Playinggames games Entertainment

Children use ICT in lots of different ways. Theres nothing wrong with this! Staying Organised (e.g. alarm clocks) Homework Our survey said. FOR YEARS 5 and 6 88% of children in Years 5 and 6 have mobile phones

100% of us have access to the internet and 90% of us use it unsupervised 68% of us are using chatrooms 84% of us have our own email addresses 52% can access the internet from our mobiles 40% have received a bullying text or email 64% know what to do about cyber-bullying New experiences - new skills Crossing the road Cycling

TEXT Swimming TEXT Fireworks TEXT What are the risks online? Risks

Paedophiles People lying online Bullying Viruses Inappropriate images

Our tricks! We sometimes double our age to get onto sites meant for older children We tell you that we need to use the web to do our homework! We can hide things we dont want you to see We can get round blocks Older children teach younger children what to do We know we often know more than you! What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is using the Internet or a mobile phone to upset or hurt someone else What is the impact of cyber-bullying? It upsets people and it is everywhere you cant escape It can be frustrating to deal with and hard to stop It stops us from getting on with our work It can be frightening Sometimes we are scared to

report it in case we get into trouble Tips for children Where can we go to for help? Some websites have a button to report abuse Children can tell their parents or a teacher There are lots of websites (e.g. Childnet) The Police can sometimes help

TOP TIPS Help us to keep a balance and enjoy our REAL lives as well as our VIRTUAL ones! And finally. Help us to stamp out cyberbullying!

Remember, a cyber-bully is simply a bully with a high tech name!

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