Internet safety townhall slide deck - Triad High School

Internet safety townhall slide deck - Triad High School

The Internet So what is the internet? The internet is global network that connects most of the worlds personal computers. The World Wide Web is a collection of electronic files linked together like a spider web. These files are stored on computers called web servers located around the world Worldwide, every day, 800 million people visit the Internet to browse

John Hamill 2 What do you need to connect? The computer programs that allow you view the Web are called "Web Browsers". The most common is Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are several others such as . Firefox, Safari and Chrome John Hamill

3 The internet = Opportunities Look whats at your fingertips o A way to communicate with friends, family, colleagues o Access to information and entertainment o A means to learn and explore

o A means of doing business and banking John Hamill 4 10 Things to do on the web. 1.Play games, download music and movies 2.Purchase products and services 3.Stay in touch 4.Post a classified ad (Buy and Sell) 5.Social sites where people can interact and explore common interests 6.Explore world-class museums 7.Earn a college degree

8.Manage your personal finances 9.Book a vacation 10. Set up a business John Hamill 5 Leading Online Risks For Children Predators These people use the Internet to trick children into meeting with them in person

Cyber-bullies File-share Abuse Exchanging music, video, and other files with strangers may be illegal, and can give them access to your PC or download viruses or worms Both children and adults may use the Internet to harass or intimidate other people Disturbing Content Invasion of Privacy If you fill out online forms, you

may share information you dont want strangers to have about you or your family John Hamill If you explore unsupervised, you could stumble upon images or information you may not want to be exposed to 6 Leading Threats To Personal Online Safety Phishing Spam

E-mail sent by online criminals that tries to trick you into revealing personal information Unwanted e-mail, instant messages, e-cards, and other online communication Hoaxes E-mail sent by online criminals that tries to trick you into giving them money

John Hamill Identity Theft A crime where con artists get your personal information and access your cash and/or credit 7 Leading Threats To PC Security Viruses/Worms Software programs designed to invade

your computer, and copy, damage or delete your data Trojan Horses Viruses that pretend to be programs that help you while destroying your data and damaging your computer John Hamill Spyware Software that secretly watches and records your online activities

or send you endless pop-up ads 8 Be careful use of the Internet Please never ever meet an Internet friend in person Do not share files, click links or open attachments from strangers Treat others the way you want to be treated Stand up for yourself Respect other peoples property music, movies Keep Personal Information Private Make sure you never share personal information

online without permission Let your parents monitor your online activities Please report suspicious activity to parents, Garda or teachers Please use appropriate screen names and e-mail addresses Be On The Lookout For Scams! There are signs that can alert you to e-mail scams Alarmist messages and threats of account closures Promises of big bucks for little effort Deals that sound too good to be true Misspellings and grammatical errors Asking for replies Use Strong Passwords Keep passwords private and create

ones that are hard to crack Use alpha numeric, symbols Never share your passwords with friends or be tricked into giving them away Thank you John Hamill 13

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