Internet Speed

Internet Speed

Internet Connection Speed By Steven Barbosa Lorena Castillo Raymond Mak Bianca Duguay upload download Kean University 55941kbps 54.63Mbs 18196kbps 17.77MBs New York 8426Kbps 8.22 Mbs 14394Kbps

14.05 MBs Seattle 4094 Kbps 3.99 Mbs 2613Kbps 2.55 Mbs Atlanta 7399 Kbps 7.22 Mbs 7511 Kbps 7.33Mbs Figure 6-11 Line Type Use Maximum Speed

Telephone Line Dial-up modem DSL WAN-T1 56 Kbps 1.544 Mbps 1.544 Mbps Coaxial Cable Cable Modem Upstream to 256 Kbps Downstream to 10 Mbps Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) LAN 100MBPS Optical Fiber Cable LAN and WAN T3, OC-768

40Gbps or more Satellite Wan-OC-768,etc. 40 Gbps or more B) Go home, or to a public wireless site, and run the speakeasy test again. Compute your average upload and download speeds. Compare your speed to those listed in figure 6.11. if you are performing this test at home, are you getting the performance your are paying for? Public Wireless Site Averages in Book Line type: coaxial cable Use: cable modem Max speed: upstream to 256 kbps Downstream to 10 mbps My Home (from speakeasy test) Max Speed: upstream to 4.5 mbps (4530 kbps) facebook or yahoo

Downstream to 15 mbps (15530 kbps) song from a website ex. going on a website like ex. Downloading video or a Contact a friend or relative in another state. Ask him or her to run the speakeasy test against those same three cities. Upload Download Kean University 1329kbps 1.29Mbs 10758kbps 10.50MBs New York 707 Kbps 0.69 Mbs 9648 Kbps 9.42 MBs

Connecticut 1295 Kbps 1.26 Mbs 3045 Kbps 2.97 Mbs Florida 686 Kbps 0.66 Mbs 2406 Kbps 2.34 Mbs Internet Speed 12 10 10.50 9.42 8 6 Upload Download

4 2.97 2 1.29 0 Kean University 0.69 New York 1.26 Connecticut 2.34 0.66 Florida Compare the results in parts A,B, and C. what conclusion, if any, can you make from these test. When comparing part A,B, and C the only conclusion we can make is that home and university internet connections upload speeds(NJ) seem to be a lot faster then other upload speeds.

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