Introducing the Modernisation Committee on Production and Methods

Introducing the Modernisation Committee on Production and Methods

Modernisation Committee on Standards Progress on priorities and future plans 2014 and 2015 November 19, 2014 Membership Klas Blomqvist (Sweden) Alice Born (Canada) Adam Brown (New Zealand) Nilgun Doran (Turkey) John Dunne (Ireland) Dan Gillman (United States) August Gotzfried (Eurostat) Arofan Gregory (DDI Alliance) Alistair Hamilton (Australia) Jenny Linnerud (Norway) Juan Munoz (Mexico) Benoit Rouppert Stanislaw Sileuzycki (Poland) Marina Signore (Italy) Others helping out with

sub-committees Canada Eurostat Turkey Cross-cutting activities with other MCs Terms of reference: Develop, enhance, integrate, promote, support and facilitate implementation of the range of standards needed for statistical modernisation Maintain an information resource about standards needed to support statistical modernisation Operational responsibility for the maintenance and development of GSBPM, GSIM and GAMSO* Follow developments in geospatial standards, semantic web and others *current TOR does not include GAMSO Standards by Phase of Life-cycle

5. Maintain and Review Standards of relevance to modernisation, not overseen by MC Standards but of interest Other artefacts (e.g., guidelines) overseen by MC Standards CMF A 2009 SDMX COG CMF B 2011 CMF C Core frameworks & standards overseen by MC

GSIM StandardsGAMSO 0.2 1.1 GSBPM 5.0 CMF D SDMX 2.1 4. Disseminate and Implement 1. Establish the need DDI Profile s 2013

CMF B 2013 Model Based DDI 2. Develop DDI 3.2 DDI 2.5 3. Adopt Priority topics for 2014-2015 Governance, maintenance, support and integration of key standards Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (GAMSO) Quality indicators for GSBPM

Implementation standards to support GSIM and CSPA 2015 MC Standards meeting Governance, maintenance, support and integration of key standards Progress so far: Options papers for ongoing maintenance of standards /subcommittee Revised template for use cases - GSIM, GSBPM, metadata strategies UNECE/UNESCAP questionnaire: Process-oriented approach to statistical production (Turkstat) Plans for the future:

On-line discussion forum for GSIM implementation, DDI Profiles Virtual Standards Help Desk Completed use cases and interactive work sessions to record issues and updates to metadata models Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (GAMSO) Progress so far: Developed by Statistical Network and seen as fit for use by MC on Standards to describe activities of statistical organization Extension of GSBPM (overarching layer) or GSBPM part of GASMO? Plans for the future: Sub-committee is revising GAMSO to align exactly with GSBPM Release it for broader discussion March 2015

Quality indicators for GSBPM Progress so far: Quality indicators for each sub-process of GSBPM adds detail to Quality Management Layer; focus on surveys Plans for the future: Release as an update of GSBPM 5.0 May 2015 Integrate quality indicators/frameworks from Admin Data and Big Data groups into GSBPM Expand to include quality management practices Implementation standards to support GSIM and CSPA Progress so far:

Work on model-based DDI 4.0 (GSIM) started in 2014 Agreement to use DDI and SDMX for CSPA services Challenges complexity of DDI, lack of expertise Proposal to HLG from MC Standards: Develop best practices for use of DDI 3.2 and SDMX 2.1 Training and material geared to statistical community Develop a specification for implementers/vendors for statistical community implementation (e.g., DDI profiles) Develop an API and development libraries for key GSIM objects

Contribute to DDI 4.0 development MC Standards meeting 05/2014 Plans for the future: TOPIC I Maintaining and governing statistical standards Role of standards, co-ordination across metadata standards groups, ensuring implementation across statistical organizations; refresh of the Common Metadata Framework TOPIC II Increasing the efficiency of statistical business processes through the use of standards GSIM implementation use cases, DDI profiles, Help Desk TOPIC III Standards to describe or exchange data and metadata DDI, SDMX, other formats, semantic web, metadata glossaries TOPIC IV Future of statistical standards Gaps: Big Data, geo-referencing, web of things Meeting future needs of statistical systems

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