Introducing zipForm® Plus - California Association of Realtors

Introducing zipForm® Plus - California Association of Realtors

Introducing zipForm Plus New Features HTML 5 technology no more Java

Easy and fast Personalize files and emails

Full screen formfilling capability Real-time search

eSign integration File and organize documents and forms

Home Screen Easily open, find, or start a file Forms Page Quickly get to the forms you need

panels More room to add forms and to navigate files My File Add Forms Full Screen Mode

Focus on completing a contract Quick Tools Streamlined tool buttons keep your options open and your screen clutter-free

Add new Delete Send for signing

Open full screen Open forms editing

Send (email or fax) Book Saved contacts can also be used to fill out contracts, email, fax, or send for signatures

The zipForm Plus File Organize documents and contracts together Personalized Emails Add your branding and website links to your zipForm emails with custom HTML email signatures What does BETA mean? Beta is an officially launched version which includes most, if not all, of the products functionality This IS NOT the final version of the tool Provide us instant feedback by clicking the feedback button inside of zipForm Plus Beta

If an action you need isnt working, switch back to zipForm 6 Professional Getting started Log in to

Click Access Now Available NOW Find it inside of your zipForm 6 Professional More Information

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