Introduction to Kaizen -

Introduction to Kaizen -

Introduction to Kaizen Introduction Kaizen Facilitation Objectives Understand the DMAIC roadmap for project execution Define Measure Analyze Improve Control Be aware of expected deliverables associated with each of the five phases

Introduce Kaizen projects (aka: rapid improvement events) and the value that they bring to organizations 2 Kaizen Purpose In general, it is a problem solving process based on improving safety, enhancing quality, and increasing speed of execution (delivery), by the elimination of waste in its many forms Kai Zen (Change) (Good)

3 Kaizen Background Kaizen events (projects) are a way of unlocking the talents and abilities of all employees: at the operating level, in the quickest time, by those who know the situation best Originally used by Toyota Motors to foster continued improvement within its Toyota Production System It is now used around the world by many companies and has been adopted to suit their particular needs and customs 4 Value of a Kaizen Event Kaizen events (projects) are a way of accelerating business

process improvement to enhance safety to improve productivity to reduce cycle times to reduce work-in-process to reduce scrap and defects while minimizing the need for capital helping management to find new ways to gain savings in time, space, and labor output 5

DMAIC Phases Define What is the scope of the problem? Measure What is the frequency of the problem? Analyze Where and why does it occur? Improve How can we fix the process? Control How can we ensure the process stays fixed? Process Output Y=f (x) of inputs (Process variables x1, x2 .) To improve Output Y, control the key variables or inputs (xs) 6 The DMAIC Framework To undertake an activity we use a systematic approach through the framework of D-M-A-I-C: Define: Projects start with a problem that needs solving.

Make sure everyone involved knows their role, why youre doing the project, and what youre trying to achieve. Measure: The work youve done in the Define phase is based on what you think the problem is. During the Measure stage you need to clarify things by seeing how the work actually gets done and how well. 7 The DMAIC Framework (continued) Analyze: Now you know whats happening with data, its time to find out why, but dont jump to conclusions. Manage by fact to check out the possible causes and get to the root cause of the issue. Improve: Now that you know about the process and the problem, the Improve stage is where you need to find a way to address the root

cause, so come up with some ideas, select the best one and test it out. Control: Lastly, you need to ensure you achieve and hold the gain. Sustainability is the most important aspect. Putting a control plan in place is vital to ensure that the process is carried out after your project is over and true gains are realized. 8 Project Layout A typical Kaizen project lasts 3 - 5 days consisting of the following Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

Projects are lead by a trained Kaizen Facilitator and supported by a Champion or Mentor Projects are conducted at the place of the problem/issue and use team members from the process to support the problem solving effort 9 Kaizen Roadmap Define Improve 1. Review Charter Measure

10. 11. 12. 13. 4. Create High Level Map Control 5. Create Detailed Map 14. Demonstrate Improvement 15. Mistake Proof 16. Implement Control Plan 2. Prep for Kaizen Event 3. Walk the Process

6. Collect Baseline Data Analyze 7. Perform Value Analysis 8. Complete Waste Walk Select Improvements Identify Future State Perform Risk Assessment Pilot & Implement Note: As we move through the material, the modules follow this flow 9. Identify Root Causes 10 Tool Flow

Review Charter Walk the Process (backwards) High Level Map SIPOC/VSM DEFINE Value Analysis Detail Map Brown Paper MEASURE Waste Walk

Root Cause Fishbone Select Improvements Brainstorm & PICK Pilot & Implement IMPROVE Future State Map IMPROVE ANALYZE Risk Assessment SxOxD

Baseline Data Demonstrate Improvements Mistake Proof Control Plans CONTROL 11 Roles in Supporting a Kaizen Project 12 Roles in Supporting a Kaizen Project (continued)

13 Kaizen Communication Before Communicate problem to team before any kaizen project/ event planning Communicate project charter to team & stakeholders During Communicate to stakeholders Daily/ weekly leaders briefings (report progress and problems) After

Report out Audits 14 Obstacles and Pitfalls Watch Out For Poor scoping / goal setting Projects not linked to big picture

Poor communication Teams without authority to make changes Improperly trained teams Uncommitted leadership 15 Review What are the five phases of the DMAIC roadmap Know deliverables associated with each phase Understand how a Kaizen event/ project follows the DMAIC road map Appreciate the value that Kaizen brings to an organization 16

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