Introduction to the DofE

Introduction to the DofE

What is the DofE? The DofE is A balanced programme that develops the whole person (mind, body and spirit) in an environment of social interaction and team work There are three progressive levels of DofE programmes which, when successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Bronze Award

The Bronze DofE programme has 4 sections; Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the community Physical: improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities Skills: developing practical and social skills in an area of personal interest Expedition: planning, training for and completion of two adventurous journeys in the UK involving an overnight camp (one practice expedition and one assessed)

Bronze Award As described the Bronze DofE programme has 4 sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition You must do a minimum of 3 months activity for each of the sections, and plan, train for and complete a practice and assessed two day (1 night) Expedition You also have to spend an extra three months on one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections. Its your choice which one to continue for six months but knowing how long youre going to do each activity for from the outset will help you choose your activities and set your goals

It will usually take between 9 and 12 months to complete your Bronze award Bronze Award Skills Developing a skill helps you get better at something you are really interested in and gives you the confidence and ability to use this skill both now and later in life. Examples: Enrolling in a new club for sport or music in order to develop a new set of skills Learning a new language

Learning how to develop a website or blog Joining a cookery class to learn how to cook Bronze Award Physical Doing physical activity is fun and it improves your health and physical fitness. The focus of this section is to improve your health not develop skills. Examples: Join a running club to develop cardiovascular fitness Join a martial arts club to improve your balance and coordination

Join a dance group to develop your flexibility and cardiovascular fitness Bronze Award Volunteering Volunteering gives you the chance to make a difference to peoples lives and use your skills and experience to help your local community. We hope the volunteering section of the award will inspire students to take pride in serving their local community. Examples: Offering to support a youth group

Volunteering to work at a charity shop Helping with a nature project in your local area Volunteering at a zoo Bronze Award Expedition Going on an expedition gives you the chance to have an adventure and work as a team Bronze expeditions last for two days / one night All expeditions will be completed on foot Students must be able to cope with the demands of walking for several hours (up to approximately 15 miles)

whilst carrying a large rucksack weighing anything up to 16kg Bronze Award Programme June Jan April June

Duration of the Award Service Skills Physical REMEMBER - Students will only be allowed to start the expedition training if they have completed two of the three 3 month sections of the award by Christmas 2017 Exp. Training Expedition

Student commitment Attend ALL training events at school (lunch and after school) Ensure you get started as soon as you have your eDofE login. Remember, you must complete two of the three service sections (each lasting for three months) by Christmas 2017 to qualify for the expedition training Meet deadlines! Remain enthusiastic! Support each other. You pass, and potentially fail, as a

group! Parent/Carer commitment Meet all the deadlines when completing paperwork Encourage your child and support them in their preparation Ensure your child attends the training provided Provide the appropriate equipment your child will need to complete the award Be available during the practice and assessed expedition datesjust in case! Support your child in being independent it is their award!

Tracking progress Logbooks are a thing of the past All online eDofE Students will be provided with a username and password for eDofE by the school Each student will be allocated a group leader. This person will be a member of staff who has volunteered to support DofE students. They will support students in using eDofE and completing their three sections.

Bronze Award What does it cost? If your application is successful you will be asked to pay a nonrefundable deposit of 30 to cover the registration of your child with DofE If your child attends all training and completes their three months of service by Christmas 2017 they will be invited to continue with the award. At this point they begin expedition training and you will be asked for the balance of 55 to cover the cost of camping, expedition training and insurance Further costs will be incurred as specialist clothing and footwear, essential for the expedition, will also need to be purchased

more info on the next slide Equipment list As a school we will provide maps, compasses, tents, cooking stoves, fuel, insurance, all the training costs and camp site fees. You will be required to provide the following: A sleeping bag and sleeping mat A ruck sack with a capacity of 5565L Waterproofs jackets and trousers Walking socks (several pairs)

Walking boots big enough for you to wear two pairs of walking socks Food for the practice and assessed expeditions Walking boots essential guide Waterproof Good grip Ankle support

Laces Heel support Arch support Wont trainers do? NO!! Next Steps. 1. Check you are able to attend all of the weekend training / expedition

dates detailed below. These are set and cannot change. If you are unable to attend any of these sessions you will be unable to complete the Bronze award. Further training dates will be advertised in July. These will all be midweek but may be held after school. Saturday 17th March 2018 10am 4pm All day on the following; Saturday 24th Sunday 25th March

Saturday 12th Sunday 13th May Expedition training Practice expedition Assessed expedition Next Steps. 1. Complete and return the application form you will receive this evening. The form must be returned to me personally no later than the end of school on Tuesday 23rd May.

2. You will receive a letter during the week of the 12th June to tell you whether or not you have been successful in your application 3. Reply to the letter with your deposit of 30 by Friday 23rd June. Please note this is non-refundable as we have to pay to register each student with DofE. 4. Attend all training dates and complete a minimum of two out of the three service sections of the award and update this on eDofE Keep in touch @jfkdofe

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