Introduction to the Windows 10 Universal Windows ... -

Introduction to the Windows 10 Universal Windows ... -

Introduction to the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform Developers to Chauhan Windows 10 Andy Wigley Guide Shen The convergence journey Xbox 360 Converged OS kernel

Unified core and app platform Xbox One Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Converged app model

Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 7.5 Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 10 Easy for users to get & stay current Windows on Devices

Phone Phablet Small Tablet Large Tablet 2-in-1s (Tablet or Laptop) Classic

Laptop Desktops & All-in-Ones Windows 10 Surface Hub Xbox Holographi c

IoT Mobile PC XBox Surface Hub Devices +IoT HoloLens

Multiple device families Universal Apps Adaptive User Interface Natural User Inputs One SDK +

Tooling One Store + One Dev Center Reuse Existing Code One Universal Windows Platform XAML WPF

WF HTML MFC DirectX .Net .Net C++

languages languages & CX Obj.C Java Web Win32

iOS Android hosted desktop WWA Bridging technologies C++ .Net runtime

Universal Windows Platform Windows 10 operating system Universal Windows Platform A single API surface A guaranteed API surface The same on all devices Universal Windows Platform Windows Core Desktop

Phone Xbox Device Device Device A whole lot of APIs Storage DirectX 12

Speech and Cortana Networking NFC and Bluetooth Holographic Audio and Video

Appointment s/Calendar Authenticatio n Broker Background Transfer Maps and Location Sensors: Acceleromete

r, light, magnet Tiles and Notifications App to App and App Services Inking XAML

Background Tasks Data Roaming Data.XML Media Casting Many, many more. Apps don't target Windows 10,

apps target the UWP The Universal Windows Platform can update at its own cadence Windows app A single binary

Running on any device Testing for capabilities Adjusting to devices Windows App Universal Windows Platform Windows Core Desktop Phone Xbox Device

Device Device Demo: Hello devices Universal Windows Platform One Operating System One Windows core for all devices One App Platform Apps run across every family

One Dev Center Single submission flow and dashboard One Store Global reach, local monetization Consumers, Business & Education One Windows Desktop SKU PC

2 in 1 Mobile SKU Tablet Phablet Phone Xbox SKU

Xbox IoT SKU Band IoT headless SKU Raspberry Pi Home Automati

on Surface Hub SKU Surface Hub Holograph ic SKU HoloLens Each family offers its own shell

and adds features to those it inherits Adaptive UI Adaptive design Responsive design Flexible layout responds to small changes Many controls handle basic responsiveness Adaptive design Smart layout adjusts to large changes Features like visual states aid in this design

Tailored design A device-specific app can simplify design Some devices have unique design languages Adaptive design Tablet (landscape) / Desktop Phone (portrait) Tailored design Tablet (landscape) / Desktop Phone (portrait) Continuum for Convertibles and Phones

Continuum for convertibles and Phones Users love apps that give a great experience on all their devices Demo: Adaptive UI Adaptive code Platform extensions

Device-specific API Family-specific capabilities Compatible across devices Unique update cadence Windows App Deskto p extension Phone Xbox

extension extension Universal Windows Platform Windows Core Desktop Phone Xbox Device

Device Device Platform extensions don't invalidate binaries on other devices UWP UWP UWP UWP

Windows Core Windows Core Windows Core Windows Core Desktop Mobile Xbox

More Test capabilities at runtime Use Adaptive Code to light-up our app with capabilities on specific device families Testing for capabilities and namespaces var api = "Windows.Phone.UI.Input.HardwareButtons"; if (Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ApiInformation.IsTypePresent(api)) { Windows.Phone.UI.Input.HardwareButtons.CameraPressed += CameraButtonPressed;

} Demo: Adaptive code Microsoft Edge and Web Platform Microsoft Edge Rest parameters JS Symbols ES6 Numbers BuiltIns DOM L3 XPath

4200+ ES6 Template Arrow function asm.js interoperability JS iterators Strings GamePad API improvements Video tracks Content Security Policy

ES6 Promises Microsoft EdgeHTML Touch Events Selection API HTTP Strict Transport Security Media Queries L4 Interaction Media getUserMedi a()

ES6 Object BuiltIns HTTP Live Streaming ES6 Math Built-Ins ES6 String Built-Ins ES6 Spread Generators preserve-3d

ES6 WeakSet ES6 Proxies HTTP/2 Motion JPEG Date types WAV audio Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Bridging Technologies Web Apps pp .appx HTML CSS JS Universal Windows Platform

NEW: Hosted Web Apps Bring your website experience to the Windows Store Leverage your web investments and developer workflow Full access to Universal APIs, including Tiles, Notifications, Camera, Contact List, Calendar Demo Microsoft Edge, Hosted web apps

Windows Bridge for Android (a.k.a. Project Astoria) Tooling to allow apps written for Android to run on Windows 10 Mobile with few changes required Microsoft Interoperability library redirects calls to Google services to Microsoft services Submit .apk to the Store Extend to call subset of UWP APIs Tiles and Notifications Sign up for limited developer preview at Windows Bridge for iOS (previously known as Project Islandwood) Build Universal Windows Apps using Objective-C Import Xcode projects into Visual Studio Build and debug your Objective-C code from Visual Studio Take advantage of great Windows services Extend your app to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform features Get the Developer Preview: Code is open source: Project Centennial Package and publish existing .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store Use Centennial to call common UWP APIs and services More information coming soon Development tools

Visual Studio 2015 Editions Enterprise Architecture Modeling, Diagnostics, VSO/ALM & Release Management Professional Architecture Validation, VSO/ALM & Feedback Management Community Editions Visual Studio Professional Edition Developer unlock Where can I develop?

Windows 10 Requires Visual Studio 2015 Windows 8.1 & Windows Server 2012 R2 The Visual Studio designer does not function Debugging requires a Windows 10 device or Remote Debugging Tools 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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