IT-214: Database Fundamentals - George Mason University

IT-214: Database Fundamentals - George Mason University

Freshman Orientation Welcome! Bachelor of Science in Information Technology IST Website Most of what you need to know about the BS INFT is available on the IST Website (including this presentation!): Advising Meet with an advisor each semester There are three full-time academic advisors: Mrs. Christy Genova ([email protected]) Fairfax Campus, Nguyen Engineering Bldg., Rm. 5340 Mrs. Cheryl Howe ([email protected]) Science & Technology Campus, Bull Run Hall, Ste. 102 Mrs. Lisa Sevilla ([email protected])

Fairfax Campus, Nguyen Engineering Bldg., Rm. 5337 We also have IST full-time faculty advisors! Utilize them for career, content, and concentration advising Advising: Degree Works / Use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome as your Internet Browser (Do not use Internet Explorer) 1. Go to 2. Click Student Services Tab 3. Click Student Records Link 4. Click Degree Evaluation Menu 5. Click Degree Works This is used to view your academic record (current and past enrollment, remaining

degree requirements, substitutions/waivers, etc.) Any time you schedule an appointment with an advisor, this is what we use to create updated advising sheets for you Click on the course number to view prerequisites BS INFT Orientation Advising Meet with an advisor one-on-one today, for 5-10 minutes, at the end of this presentation! We have prepared individualized advising sheets for each registered student marked with your current eligibility and current transfer credits (next slide) Schedule an appointment if you need more time Create your login with your MASON email address Federal law prohibits us from communicating with you via a personal email address regarding your academic progress at Mason. Program Overview Our program is divided into 7 areas: Mason Core Requirements ( IT Foundation

IT Core Capstone Sequence Concentration Other Required Courses General Electives All students need a minimum of 120 credits to graduate, 45 credits of which need to be at the 300/400 level Program Overview For IT courses, begin with Foundation and Core followed by Concentration and Capstone Always check pre- and co- requisite requirements These are tied to the academic year when the course is taught, not your catalog year! COrequisites: Can be taken before or at the same time Example: MATH 108 can be taken before IT 102 OR at the same time as IT 102. PRErequisite: Must be taken before the course for which it is required Example: IT 104 and IT 105 must be taken before IT 223.

Need more info about a course? View the syllabus on our website: Program Overview: Concentrations In order to declare a concentration, you must earn a B or higher in the gateway course associated with that concentration. IT majors must select at least one of five Concentrations: DTP Database Technology & Programming ([IT 206 or IT 209] and [IT 214 or IT 194]) HIT Health IT (IT 214 or IT 194) CYBR Cyber Security (IT 223) NTEL Networking and Telecommunications (IT 341) WDEV Web Development (IT 213 or IT 193) Students who have transfer credit for the courses above will need to submit override request forms in order to register for any course that requires a B or higher in that course. You will be given detailed information about each concentration during Program Overview: What We Do Not Recommend We will never recommend a student do any of the following:

Take more than 2 IT courses in the summer, at the same time; Take more than 16 credits in a fall/spring; Take (IT 206 or IT 209 or CS 211) and IT 207, at the same time; Take any three from (IT 206 or IT 209 or CS 211) and IT 207 and IT 341 and MBUS 300, at the same time. The above is based on the rigorous nature of these courses and student's historical performance in them when taken concurrently. We advise, but it is ultimately up to you what you wish to attempt. 9 Location, Location, Location Mason courses are offered across all three campuses: Fairfax, Loudoun, and SciTech (in Manassas/Prince William) Many non-IT courses & 100 200 level IT courses are offered at the Fairfax Campus or online Most 300 400 level IT courses are only offered at the SciTech Campus or online The Mason Shuttle is the quickest way to travel between Fairfax and SciTech campuses (the Shuttle does not go to Loudoun) Important Policies: Grades and Termination Grades All students: C or better in any course that is a prerequisite for another course (except for the Literature Mason Core, which can be a min D); BS INFT majors: C or better in foundation, core, capstone, and concentration courses AND B or higher in the gateway course(s) for the respective desired concentration Major GPA of 2.75 or higher in order to graduate View your specific catalog year requirements at Repeating Courses/Termination Policy: If you are unsuccessful at a Math or VSE course required for the major, twice, you need prior approval to take the third attempt ( override), which must be in the semester directly following the second unsuccessful attempt, excluding summers If you are unsuccessful at the third attempt, or you do not take it in the required semester, you will be terminated from the major and the VSE Important Policies: Overrides

Sometimes, PatriotWeb will not recognize your dual enrollment/transfer credits, substitutions, or waivers. Be sure you meet the prerequisites BEFORE submitting a request. These are reviewed manually, and in the order in which they were received. Duplicate requests will be moved to the bottom of the queue Submit requests for IT and SYST 469 courses only Math overrides for MATH 108 and MATH 125: [email protected] We do not override classroom capacity for courses. If the course is full, you can add yourself to an available waitlist or you will need to take it in a different semester. Important Policies: Registration Registration Periods Add/Drop: Students can add/drop courses with no tuition penalty. No grades will be recorded on their transcripts

Self-Withdrawal: Students can withdraw from a course with no tuition reimbursement, as many times as they like. A W will be recorded on the transcript. Selective Withdrawal: You can selectively withdraw from a max of 3 courses (with no tuition reimbursement) at Mason throughout your entire undergraduate career. A W will show on the transcript Waitlists Not all Mason courses offer a waitlist You will not be automatically registered from a waitlist Waitlist overrides are issued when seats become available Waitlist overrides remain on your account for 48 hours If you see an open seat, DO NOT try to remove yourself from the waitlist until you receive the override After receiving a waitlist override, you must move yourself from the waitlist to the class

roster All waitlists are purged on the last day to add classes Important Policies: Study Elsewhere Requests Students who wish to take a course at another institution to transfer back to Mason, must obtain approval by submitting the Study Elsewhere Request form, a typed, detailed explanation for the request, and supporting documentation. IST Academic Advisors do not have the authority to sign these forms. For advisor signature, students need to submit all documents to [email protected] or 5400 Engineering for review from the Associate Chair. Freshmen and transfer students in their first semester at Mason are not permitted to study elsewhere Courses previously attempted at Mason (including withdrawals) cannot be taken elsewhere Must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar prior to the taking of the course at another institution First Semester Doing well in your first semester at Mason is extremely important. Many transfer students opt to pursue their first semester or two part-time to

get used to Mason culture and the rigorous course loads. Credit Level Warning Probation Suspension Attempted Credit Hours: Cumulative GPA Range: Cumulative GPA Range:

Cumulative GPA Range: 7-16 0.00-1.99 ---- ----- 17-29 1.75-1.99 1.00-1.74 0.00-0.99 30-59 1.85-1.99

1.25-1.84 0.00-1.24 60-89 1.95-1.99 1.55-1.94 0.00-1.54 90+ ---- 1.85-1.99 0.00-1.84 Freshmen students in their first semester of study at Mason will receive probation as the strongest academic sanction. GPA retention levels, as stated above, will apply in all subsequent semesters.

Manage Your Time Full Time 12 credits Financial Aid may require you to be registered for at least 12 credits. Check with your Financial Aid advisor for details specific to you Students tend to take 12-16 credits in spring/fall semesters (4 to 5 courses) Be realistic about how many courses you take, especially if you are working full-time or have other responsibilities Each course will require several hours of work per week - beyond time for lectures and labs Utilize Learning Services for help with test anxiety, time management,

study skills, organization, etc. SUB I Room 3129 or 703.993.2999 Is Cheating Worth the Cost? Pros to Cheating Cons to Cheating Not learning the material you paid to learn Risk poor performance on exams Get past a tough assignment Don't have to do the work Self-plagiarism can be considered an honor code violation.

DO NOT reuse your own work from a previous class. You will be caught We are IT. If you do not know the material, the exams will be tough Risk an Honor Code violation Violations appear on your record and are caught by background checks (e.g. security clearance) Risk forced completion of an academic integrity seminar Cost of ~$100 and your time Risk an F in the course Cost of full course tuition to retake the class, a delay in graduation, and a lowered GPA Risk academic suspension Delay in graduation and a notation on your transcript Risk expulsion

All of your time and money to date would be for naught Risk not being able to get a job after you graduate because of a violation on your disciplinary record Seeking Assistance Having trouble in a course? There are a number of resources that can help you succeed: Stay in contact with the instructor of the course. They are there to help you. If there is a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) assigned to the course, reach out to them. Seek out a tutor from the VSE Peer Mentor Center, which offers tutoring in a number of IT courses in each fall/spring (not summers) More info: Additional Mason Resources

19 Career Services Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Enrollment Central (SUB 1, first floor) Office of Disability Services (ODS) Office of International Programs & Services (OIPS) Learning Services Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Resources Math Tutoring Center Office of Military Services Office of Student Involvement Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC, formerly WAVES) Women and Gender Studies Center

Writing Center General Information This semesters class schedule may be ugly! Registration opens March for summer April for fall November for spring Register at your first opportunity; classes fill quickly. Plan for traffic and parking in the Fairfax area, and for travelling between campuses. Stay Connected with IST! gmuist gmuist @mason_istdept gid=5136040 http:// BS INFT Orientation Advising If you need more than 5-10 minutes with an advisor today: Schedule an appointment! Recommended First Year First Semester Credit s Second Semester Credits ENGH 101- Composition

3 Mason Core Non-lab Natural Science 3 Mason Core (Choose 1 from: West Civ/World History, Arts, Social & Behavioral Science, COMM 100 or 101) 3 Mason Core (Choose 1 from: Literature, West Civ/World History, Arts, Social & Behavioral Science, COMM 100 or 101) 3 IT 104- Introduction to Computing 3 Mason Core (Choose 1 from: Literature, West

Civ/World History, Arts, Social & Behavioral Science, COMM 100 or 101) 3 IT 105- IT Architecture Fundamentals 3 IT 102- Discrete Structures or MATH 125 Discrete Mathematics 3 MATH 108- Introductory Calculus w/ Business Applications 3 IT 106- Introduction to IT Problem Solving Using Computer Programming or IT 109 Introduction to Computer Programming

3 Total Hours 15 Total Hours 15 Visit to view the Program Sheet to view a 4-year plan

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