IT Project Governance

IT Project Governance

STATE OF ALABAMA OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IT PROJECT GOVERNANCE Dr. Joanne Hale, Secretary of IT Cheri Martin, Deputy Secretary of IT Lisa Townsend, DHR CIO Mission of OIT State level

Policy Planning Governance 2 Agenda IT Project Governance What it is

Why we need it Who developed it How it works Where to find more details How to get started 3 What is IT Project Governance

Guides how project decisions are made Who How When 4 Why IT Project Governance Mutual

project goals Establish Ensure they are met Minimize risk Resolve conflicts Align with strategic direction Maximize statewide benefit from technology investments 5

Policy Development: Project Governance Workgroup Agency IT Leaders and Project Managers Established in 2014 Studied Governance drivers and best practices Drafted policies Reviewed with the Agency CIO

Council Refined based on feedback 6 OIT Project Governance Workgroup Lisa Townsend (Chairman), Dept. Human Resources Effie Brown, Dept. of Insurance Joel Cook, Finance ISD

Paul Scott, Dept. of Transportation Clay Weaver, Rehabilitation Services Rodney Zeigler, Dept. of Labor Jeff Barnes, Dept. Human Resources 7 Overview of IT Project Governance 8

Project Threshold Total cost exceeds $1 million or Multi-agency - Total cost exceeds $500,000 or By request 9

Project Sizing Determined by tool Moderate Less documentation required Major Larger

More complex 10 Overview of IT Project Governance 11 Initiation Phase Project

Request Business Case Cost Benefit Analysis 12 Overview of IT Project Governance 13 Planning Phase

Project Management Plan More than a schedule Scope Project Approach Communication Plan Milestones Cost estimate Value realization 14 Overview of IT Project Governance

15 Execution Phase Status Report Regular Project Meetings How will OIT be involved? Monitoring via status report Engagement level determined by project need/risk

16 Overview of IT Project Governance 17 Closure Phase Project Closure Report

Acceptance of project results Lessons Learned Resources released Benefit Realization Reports Start when any part of project is implemented End when expected benefits are achieved

18 IT Project Governance Policies 400 IT 410 IT 420 IT 430 IT Control 440 IT Project

Project Project Project Governance Initiation Planning Execution and Project Closure 19

OIT Governance Library Policies 400 IT Project Governance Guidelines 400G1 IT Project Governance Standards 400S1 IT Project Governance Threshold Templates 400T1 OIT Notification Template

Procedures 400P1 Completing an OIT Notification Template 400P2 IT Project Tailoring Found on the IT Governance Library page of the OIT website 20 Getting Started Read

the Guideline with the Policy first Initiation Phase Tool to assist Call OIT for clarification Initially submit through email to [email protected] SharePoint site coming soon 21


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