It's science.

It's science.

Its science. Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation Nan Lan and Claire LaRosa Monday, 2/17/14 Newton

Background Math Philosophy Background

Theologian o o Heretic to church - Unitarianism Convinced Trinitarianism was product of conspiracy

Responsible for first posing question of critical bible hermeneutics Background Lucasian Chair of Mathematics 1669-1701

Everyones favorite misconception Misconception? Say what? Didnt use scientific method! Many fragmented discoveries + Math Science! Bonus: Reasoned calculus into existence Transition to modern physical science If I have seen further, it has been by

standing on the shoulders of giants. A Brief Timeline Keplers 2nd and 3rd Laws 1609 Newtons Principia

1687 Descartes Law of Inertia 1650 1640 Galileos Laws of Motion

1670 Inverse-Square Law Newton

Background Math Philosophy The math: inverse square force Newtons Second Law: Geometry: Keplers Third Law:

The Cavendish Experiment Henry Cavendish (1731-1810) found the value of G o Nearly 100 years later! o The math: did someone say calculus?

The math: calculus The math: calculus Inside a uniform spherical shell, a point mass experiences no net gravitational force A point mass outside a uniform spherical

shell will be attracted to the center of the sphere as if all its mass were concentrated at the center Importance Gravity Wells Inertial and Gravitational Masses

A priori they really have nothing to do with each other o o Inertial mass: a measure of its resistance to

acceleration when a given force is applied to it Gravitational mass: the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the body and any other body Pendulum experiment True source of gravity

Newton: close approximation Modern thinking: Einsteins general relativity o Gravitation is an attribute of curved spacetime, not a force propagated between bodies o Energy and momentum distort spacetime in their vicinity, and other particles move in trajectories determined by the geometry of spacetime o

Newton Background Math Philosophy

Philosophy - Cartesian thinking | Mind Body

Sensation = untruth o Cogito, ergo sum Mind, matter = finite; God = infinite o o Uncertainty in science result of Gods omnipotence

We have idea of infinite God God must exist Philosophy - Newton Broad view: relation between any entity and space 1. 2. 3. 4.

Spatiality is an affection of every kind of being; God exists necessarily, so There is no time at which God fails to exist; and, therefore, Space exists, and there is no time at which space fails to exist (Stein 2002; Janiak 2000, 221-27). Philosophy - Newton

Ordinary motion: the action by which a body travels from one place to another Proper motion: the transfer of one piece of matter, or one body, from the vicinity of the other bodies which immediately touch it, and which we consider to be at rest, to the vicinity of other bodies The distinction = goal of physics (both

Newtonian and Cartesian) Philosophy - Newton Newton: God could create material bodies, or more precisely, could create entities that would be indistinguishable from material bodies from our point of view.

Features of body follow from o Descartes: Principle of extension (property of matter, existing in >1 dimension) o Newton: Essential features of our conception of the body

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