I'm a Survivor! by Peppered Moth

Im a Survivor! by Peppered Moth Marina Korolis Kerrie Lynch Heather Miles Tiffany Russow Kristen Thomas Jennifer Tulley

The Peppered Moths Science Learning Goals In this lesson, the students will: Observe changes in population dynamics Use a computer to run a simulation of natural selection within a colony of peppered moths

Identify the variables that cause changes in the ratios of light to dark moths Evaluate the impact humans have on the evolution of an indigenous species Math Learning Goals In this lesson, the students will: Draw scatter plots to represent the

relationship between two variables Familiarize themselves with statistical functions, namely linear regression and correlation coefficients Lesson Activities Day 1 Introduction to and exploration of Fathom and

Netlogo Day 2 In groups of four, students will run the peppered moths simulation (2 students from biology class and 2 students from statistics class) Students from biology share the evolutionary aspects of the simulation with their group members while the math students share how to

analyze the data Technological Value Students can quickly and efficiently collect data using Netlogo Fathom helps students to visualize statistical plots Students have access to quick analysis

Diversity This simulation involves open-ended exploration which challenges students of varying abilities. Exploring human impact on different parts of the world.

Here is a graph representing the relationship between light colored moths and pollution Correlation coefficient = -0.866675 Equation: M=-2.26P + 276 This is a graph of dark colored moths and pollution

Correlation coefficient: 0.885871 Equation: D = 2.39P - 37

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