Jean Baptiste "Joseph Fourier"

Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier By Muhammed Al-walker Early Life Born March 1768 in Auxeme Bourgogne France Father was a tailor his mother was his Fathers second wife

9th child out of 12 kids Going into school He showed much promise at the young age of 13 He learned Latin and French Life Continued He Went to school to become a priest

But He also was apart of the French revolution and Napoleons Expedition He was apart of Napoleons army as its scientific advisor While on the exposition with napoleon; Napoleon , Him, and others Founded the Cairo Institute. He was also a founding member of the math department there Education When he got older he became a teacher at Benedictine college

He was renowned as an outstanding lecturer at College de France Professor of Analysis at the cole Polytechnique. In 1790 He became a teacher at Benedictine college in math After the French Revolution he began teaching at College de France

He began his mathematical research there with Lagrange, Laplace, and Monge It was during his time in Grenoble that Fourier did his important mathematical work on the theory of heat Fourier Theory of Heat Fourier was interested in the way heat flowed inside and around materials, and in the process of studying this phenomenon he derived his transform

He Could have never known how much his theory would effect Modern technology, music, science, and engineering were With his theory of heat he opened the way for The Fourier Series ,analysis, and transform theories Fourier Series By definition it is an Infinite Series of Trigonometric functions that represent an expansion or approximation of a periodic

function Fourier Analysis The process of decomposing a musical instrument sound or any other periodic function into its constituent sine or cosine waves is called Fourier analysis. You can characterize the sound wave in terms of the amplitudes of the constituent sine waves which make it up. Fourier Transform a function derived from a given function and representing it by a series of

sinusoidal functions. Fourier Transform provides the music you stream every day, squeezing down the images you see on the Internet into tiny little JPG files, and even powering your noise-canceling headphones. Heres how it works. The equation owes its power to the way that it lets mathematicians quickly understand the frequency content of any kind of signal. From Math To Music

Sound waves are one type of waves that can be analyzed using Fourier series and transform, allowing for different aspects of music to be analyzed using this method. Musical instruments produce sound as a result of the vibration of a physical object such as a string on a violin, guitar, or piano, or a column of air in a brass or woodwind instrument. This vibration causes a periodic variation in air pressure that is heard as sound. Cont.

His major breakthrough was realizing that complicated signals could be represented by simply adding up a series of far simpler ones. He chose to do it by adding together sinusoids Say you strike a chord on a piano by pressing three keys. You can produce three different notes, with well defined frequencies They look like nice friendly sine waves but combine them and you make a final sound wave a brand new sound in itself

It looks complicated, but we know that fundamentally its just three plain sine waves staggered in time and added together End Note Todays music thrives on these theory's Without them we wouldnt have iPods, headphones, or even music videos

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