Jeff T. Behler, Regional Director New York ... - New Jersey

Jeff T. Behler, Regional Director New York ... - New Jersey

2020 Census Complete Count Committees Pat Greene Alston Partnership Specialist New York Regional Census Center Complete Count Committee A autonomous and bi-partisan group of community leaders that are invested in the 2020 Census who come together to identify the possible obstacles and their solutions to ensure that their community is accurately represented in the 2020 Census. Complete Count Committees are communication vehicles that: Promote the importance of the 2020 Census Promote the employment opportunities with the 2020 Census Encourage and support participation in the 2020 Census


THAT RAISE AWARENESS OF THE CENSUS AND ULTIMATELY DRIVE PARTICIPATION Background & Structure of CCCs Government and community-based organizations will work together with partners to form CCCs to promote the 2020 Census and motivate their community members to respond. Committee members are experts in the following areas:

Government Media Workforce development Business Education Community organizations Faith-based community Other, based on needs 4 Tribal or Local Government CCCs Local government CCCs are formed by the highest elected official in a local government, regardless of size. This includes: Local governments in cities, counties, towns and villages Charged with developing and implementing a census awareness campaign that motivates EVERY household to respond to the 2020 Census in a timely manner

5 Community CCCs Formed in probable low response areas Formed to fill a gap in areas where there is no governmentsponsored CCC Includes representation from the following suggested areas of the community: Business leaders Educators Media representatives Organization leaders

Community-based organization leaders Faith-based organizations 6 The 2020 Census Phases Education Awareness Motivation Reminder Thank You Local governments and community leaders throughout the nation participate in activities highlighting the message that the 2020 Census is imminent and that it is easy, important and

safe to participate. Education Phase 2018 - 2019 Awareness Phase January February 2020 Motivation Phase March May 2020 Reminder Phase May July 2020 Thank You Phase Starts July 2020 7 Components of a CCC Work Plan Overview Summary of the goals and objectives of the CCC and description of the community Committee Structure Identify the name of the CCC Describe the structure of the committee Develop strategies for reaching

their objectives Timeline Develop broad timetable of events and activities with dates Plan key Touch Point dates Reporting Include a report of subcommittee activities to the committee Modify future activities as needed based on feedback Thank you Include strategies for thanking committee members, the community and others who provide support Final Report Prepare a final evaluation of your activities and successes to help the

Census Bureau guide future committees 8 CCC Tools Center for Urban Research/CUNY Graduate Center US Census Bureau Response Outreach Area Mapper Local Knowledge! 9 Census Tract 6104 Camden, New Jersey

Low Response Score (%): 31.7 2012-2016 ACS 5-year estimates Total Population: 5,412 Median Household Income ($): 22,455 Population Under 5 (%): 7.41 Population 18-24 (%): 15.76 Population 65 and Over (%): 7.83 Below Poverty Level (%): 54.12 Not High School Graduate (%): 26.08 Non-Hispanic, Black (%): 47.32 Non-Hispanic, White (%): 9.29 Hispanic (%): 39.36 Asian (%): 1.70 Some Other Race (%): 0.00 Foreign Born (%): 8.54 No One in Household Age 14+ Speaks English "Very Well" (%): 17.00 Population 5+ Who Speak English Less Than "Very Well" and Speak Spanish (%): 14.53

Total Housing Units: 1,560 Total Occupied Housing Units: 1,159 Renter Occupied Housing Units (%): 50.99 Family Occupied Housing Units with Related Children Under 6 (%): 35.15 Population 1+ Who Moved From Another Residence Within the Last Year (%): 45.39 Vacant Housing Units (%): 25.71 Multi-Unit (10+) Housing (%): 3.01 10 Connecting CCCs State Level CCC County Level CCC City Level CCC Com muni ty

Level CCC 11 Communication Led by highest level of CCC, but important for all in order to be effective Building the toolkit for all CCCs to use Sharing best practices Identifying available resources/needs Reduce duplicative efforts Share messaging & dissemination strategies for hard to enumerate populations/areas 12 Connect with us 13 Contact Us Partnership Program Phone: (212) 882-2130 Email: [email protected] Website: Census Jobs Field & Office Job Opportunities Website: Office Managerial Job Opportunities Website:

Website: Data Dissemination Program Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-844-ASK-DATA Website: 14

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