Jeopardy prompt and response template

Jeopardy prompt and response template

Vocab Unit 14 Jeopardy Eng 2 Definitions 1

Synonyms Definitions 2 Antonyms

Complete the Sentence 100 100

100 100 100 200

200 200 200

200 300 300 300

300 300 400

400 400 400 400

500 500 500

500 500 Definitions 1 100 Points To scold sharply

Definitions 1 100 Points berate Definitions 1

200 Points Self-righteous, characterized by moralizing Definitions 1 200 Points

sententious Definitions 1 300 Points A collection of diverse or miscellaneous items

Definitions 1 300 Points potpourri Definitions 1 400 Points

Swollen, bloated, filled to excess Definitions 1 400 Points turgid

Definitions 1 500 Points A rule, test Definitions 1 500 Points

criterion Synonyms 100 Points Precocious youngsters

Synonyms 100 Points advanced Synonyms

200 Points Potpourri of sketches, songs, & skits Synonyms 200 Points

medley Synonyms 300 Points The obdurate pessimist

Synonyms 300 Points obstinate Synonyms 400 Points

Ignored the jejune articles Synonyms 400 Points

vapid (this means offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging) Synonyms 500 Points

Had a sadistic streak Synonyms 500 Points vicious

Definitions 2 100 Points Delighting in cruelty, excessively cruel Definitions 2

100 Points sadistic Definitions 2 200 Points Winding, twisted,

crooked Definitions 2 200 Points tortuous

Definitions 2 300 Points Stubborn, unyielding Definitions 2 300 Points

obdurate Definitions 400 Points An excess or

overindulgence, as in eating or drinking Definitions 2 400 Points surfeit

Definitions 2 500 Points To expand on, write or talk at length or in detail Definition 2

500 Points expatiate Antonym 100 Points

Depleted our energy Antonym 100 Points resupplied

Antonym 200 Points Amenable to the offer Antonym 200 Points

resistant Antonym 300 Points As the professor

expatiated Antonym 300 Points Adumbrated (what does that mean?!?!) Adumbrated = report or represent in outline; indicate faintly;

foreshadow or symbolize So, expatiated = to expand on, write or talk at length or in detail Therefore, adumbrate is the opposite because it is NOT in detail Antonym 400 Points

Not wanting to berate them too much Antonym 400 Points praise

Antonym 500 Points Too credulous for their own good

Antonym 500 Points skeptical Complete Sentence 100 Points

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, Discontent is the want of self-reliance: it is the ___ of will. (hint: what does self-reliance mean?) Discontent means feeling unhappy. So feeling unhappy goes against self-reliance.

Definitions 3 100 Points infirmity Complete Sentence 200 Points

A ___ of sweets will not only add unwanted inches to your waistline, but can also be a source of tooth decay. (how many sweets are we talking about?)

Complete Sentence 200 Points surfeit Complete Sentence 300 Points

Verisimilitude is only one of the ___ upon which a work of fiction is typically judged. (verisimilitude= the appearance of being true or real) What part of speech are you looking for? Complete Sentence

300 Points Criteria Noun! Prep phrase: (of the criteria) Complete Sentence

400 Points The Spartans of ancient Greece were known for their brusque, ____ manner of speaking. What does brusque mean? The comma indicates that you are looking for another adjective that is closely related to brusque.

Complete Sentence 400 Points sententious Complete Sentence 500 Points

Distraught residents ___ the town board, pleading for a new environmental impact study on the proposed mall. (What part of speech do you need?) Complete Sentence

500 Points Verb! supplicated Please study for your test.

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