Jovial (adjective)

Jovial (adjective)

#5 Lesson dedicate (verb) definition: to devote wholly or earnestly, as to some person or purpose synonym: devoted antonym: withhold

Sentence: Darlene has dedicated her life to fighting monsters, and now shes become one herself. New York Times Aug 24, 2016 deduction (noun) definition: the act of removing the part from the whole synonym: subtraction

antonym: addition Sentence: We need a bigger house because well get a bigger deduction. New York Times Oct 10, 2016 defy (verb) definition: resist or confront with resistance synonym: oppose

antonym: assist Sentence: Still, she found it hard to straight-out defy Dad. The Glass Castle delegate (noun) definition: a person appointed or elected to represent others synonym: agent

antonym: sentence: Ive never seen anything like this, said the towns delegate, Louis Paul Raphael. Reuters Oct 6, 2016 demolish (verb) definition: destroy completely synonym: pulverize

antonym: construct sentence: Read to get demolished like an old apartment building? Booked denial (noun) definition: a statement saying that something is not true or real synonym: rejection

antonym: grant sentence: Dad went through the five phases of grieving denial, anger, acceptance, whatever in like one day. If I Stay depose (verb) definition: to remove someone from a powerful position

synonym: force out antonym: promote Sentence: Alabama could soon add a second deposed USC coach to its staff. Los Angeles Times Sep 4, 2016 derive (verb) definition: to have something as a source; to come from something

synonym: infer antonym: lose sentence: The books literary power is derived in part from the authors anonymity. New York Times Oct 2, 2016 descend (verb) definition: move downward and lower synonym: fall

antonym: arise Sentence: It was on the downhill side of the street, and we had to descend a set of stairs to get to it. The glass Castle despise (verb) definition: look down with disdain synonym: detest

antonym: admire sentence: My problem is that my sister despises me for my brains. Washington Post Oct 16, 2016

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