JunkYard Challenge - Science Olympiad

JunkYard Challenge - Science Olympiad

JunkYard Challenge 1 SCIENCE OLYMPIAD SUMMER INSTITUTE CEANN CHALKER Disclaimer 2 This presentation was prepared using draft rules.

There may be some changes in the final copy of the rules. The rules which will be in your Coaches Manual and Student Manuals will be the official rules. Description 3 Teams must construct a device on-site to

solve an engineering challenge using only the materials and tools that must fit in a junk box with a lid. The junk box must be prepared before the competition. Event Parameters 4 Eye protection #2 must be properly worn during the construction and competition.

All materials and tools must be brought in a junk box with a lid, with outside dimensions not to exceed a total of 90 cm (length + width + height). (next slide) With all materials and tools in the box, the lid must fit all the way and close completely.

Junk box dimensions = < 90 cm 5 width no Width, length, and height will be measured to the widest part of the lid or box. Event Parameters

6 Teams may construct their own box or buy a box which meets the specified dimensions, made of any material. The box must not be used as a part of the device. The box must be impounded.

Whats in the box? 7 Must bring at least 1 of each type of ball Up to 5 standard, unaltered practice golf balls Plastic, dimpled or with holes

Up to 5 standard, unaltered golf balls Up to 5 standard, unaltered tennis balls Plates, cups, and bowls made from paper or Styrofoam (Must bring at least 1 cup & 1 plate) Paper or soft plastic straws, hollow stir sticks Limited to 24 cm Whats in the box?

8 Popsicle/craft sticks (12 cm x 1 cm) and/or toothpicks made of wood Any type of non-metallic tape Paper no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 (weight of 20# or less) NO cardstock, construction paper, poster board, etc. Non-metallic string, line, thread, and tape Rubber bands (no larger than size #64) (1/4 inch wide)

Plastic bags < 1 gallon size Scissors (must only be used as a tool) Event Parameters 9 Materials in the box must not be preassembled or prepared ahead of time in any way. Tools must not require electricity and must all fit within the box.

Tools must not be used as part of the device. Open blades are prohibited NO razor blades, X-acto knives, utility knives, saws, etc. Acids, bases, liquids, and glue are prohibited. Competition 10

Regional Challenge Type 1 State Challenge Type 2 National Challenge Type 1 or Type 2 As chosen by Event Supervisor Type 1 a load bearing structure that must be a tower, a bridge, or a cantilever. Type 2 a device that must transport one or more balls from start to an end location Must be a ramp, a catapult, or a bouncer device

Competition 11 Unless otherwise stated in the instructions, the devices must be freestanding and must not be attached to a tabletop, floor, ceiling, or any other support. Teams will be given specific challenge instructions just prior to their competition time.

Teams must not leave the area without permission from event leader. Teams must not communicate in any way with coaches or spectators during construction and testing. Competition 12 Teams will have a maximum of 30 minutes to

construct the specified device. Teams must not modify their device in any way after the construction period has ended. Teams that complete construction early may be judged early. Examples 13 The following pictures give an idea of the structures involved. They may contain items which are not legal but were used to teach

construction principles. Your students will come up with many different approaches. That is the fun of this event. Challenge Type 1 - Tower 14 Challenge Type 1 - Bridge 15 Challenge Type 2 - Catapult 16

Catapult Type 2 - Catapult 17

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