Kelso High School - St Leonard's College

Kelso High School - St Leonard's College

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Chapter Eight Characterisation Theme

Symbolism Gatsby, Nick American Dream Characterisation - Gatsby

Characterisation - Gatsby He was attracted to Daisy because of her wealth and privilege and he idolised both wealth and Daisy the two are intertwined in his mind.

When he enters her house as a poor soldier, he knows he has no real right to be there. Characterisation - Gatsby I dont think she ever loved him, Gatsby turned around from a window and looked at me challengingly. You must remember she was very excited this afternoon.

Gatsby is not prepared to admit that he has lost Daisy as it is to him like losing his entire world. He continually refuses to accept that his dream is dead. Characterisation - Gatsby Discussion: How does the reader feel about Gatsbys inability to accept the truth? Is this denial a negative or positive aspect of his character? What does this denial ultimately bring about?

Characterisation - Nick Theyre a rotten crowdYoure worth the whole damn bunch put together. Ive always been glad I said that because I disapproved of him from beginning to end. Discussion: Is this true? Why does Nick say this? Is Gatsby worth the whole damn bunch put together? What quality is it that makes him different?

THEME The American Dream Gatsby is a symbol for America in the 1920s. The American Dream has, in the pursuit of happiness, degenerated into a quest for mere wealth. Gatsbys powerful dream of happiness with Daisy has become the motivation for lavish excess and criminal activities.

THEME The American Dream Task: Consider all of the characters in the novel. For each one note down how they symbolise different elements of the American Dream. SYMBOLISM Grail but now he found that he had committed himself to

the following of a grail. A Grail is a sacred object of a quest undertaken by a loyal and devoted knight. Gatsby has been transformed into a chivalric hero a knight. His shinning armour is his beautiful shirts, his horse is an expensive car. Discussion: Do you think that Gatsby could rescue Daisy and take her to a better life?

SYMBOLISM - Weather The night had made a sharp difference in the weather and there was an autumn flavour in the air. The fire has gone out of Gatsbys life with Daisys decision to remain with Tom. This is symbolised by the cooling weather and autumn slowly creeping in. SYMBOLISM The swimming pool

Ive never used that pool all summer? In some ways Gatsby is clinging on to the hope that Daisy will love him the way she used to symbolised by his insistence on swimming in the pool as though it were still summer. Important both his downfall in Chapter 7 and his death in this chapter result from his stark refusal to accept what he cannot control the passage of time

SYMBOLISM Eyes of Dr T J Eckleburg but you cant fool God!... Doctor T.J.Eckleburg God sees everything, repeated Wilson. George takes this to be the all seeing eyes of God. He mistakenly believes that Myrtles lover must have been her killer and must be punished by God.

SYMBOLISM Eyes of Dr T J Eckleburg BUT remember that these eyes are blind they are the advert for an opticians. The connection between these eyes and God exists only in Wilsons grief stricken mind. Discussion How important has been the idea of eyes/seeing within the novel?

SYMBOLISM The rose He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is The rose has been a symbol of beauty for centuries, but Nick says that they are not inherently beautiful and people only view them as beautiful because they choose to.

SYMBOLISM The rose Daisy is grotesque in the same way. Gatsby has made her beautiful and the object of his dream but in reality she is an idle, bored and rich young woman with no moral strength or loyalties. Discussion: How does the reader now feel about Daisy? Consider that she has abandoned Gatsby in his hour of

need. SYMBOLISM - Holocaust gardener saw Wilsons body a little way off in the grass, and the holocaust was complete Indicates the wholesale destruction of Gatsbys life, of his dream and his love for Daisy. Also indicates the destruction of Wilsons life, his dream

and of his world.

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