KITCHEN SAFETY - Hortonville Area School District

KITCHEN SAFETY - Hortonville Area School District

KITCHEN SAFETY Mrs. Halverson SAFETY TERMS Safety: a behavior that prevents harm. Accident: event that happens when unsafe behaviors occur near a hazard. Inspection: checking to

be sure hazards dont cause accidents. KITCHEN HAZARDS Definition: A hazard is a situation that could be dangerous, like slipping and falling. The following are kitchen hazards we will talk about: Falls Burns Cuts Strains

Shocks Poisoning Choking FALLS Definition: Losing your balance and hitting the ground. Prevention of Falls: Keep floors clean and dry. Walk, do not run. Wear low-heeled shoes. Look where you are going.

BURNS Definition: Injury caused by heat of fire. Prevention of Burns: Use oven mitts when you handle hot pans. Put out grease fires with baking soda- NOT water. Keep handles on pans turned in, away from the aisle. Dont wear loose-fitting sleeves. They might catch on a pan handle and spill the pan of hot food. Pay attention to what you are doing. First Aid- run under cold water/aloe plant

CUTS Definition: Injury due to break in the skin caused by a knife or sharp object. Prevention of cuts: Use the correct knife for the job. Always cut things on a cutting board. Always cut away from your body. Never put knives in the dish water where they cannot be seen. If you drop a knife, let it fall. Dont search in dishwater for broken glass.

First Aid- wrap and apply pressure/clean STRAINS Definition: to impair, injure, or weaken (a muscle, tendon, etc.) by stretching or overexertion Prevention of strains: Bend at the knees when

lifting something. This prevents back strain. Always use a cart to carry heavy things in the kitchen. SHOCK Definition: Caused by contact with an electric current. Prevention of shocks: Pull out a cord by the plug, not the cord, so it does not break.

Unplug an appliance before washing it. Never operate an appliance with wet hands or while standing in water. Keep floors dry. Keep appliances turned off when they are not in use. Do not play with any switches when you are cleaning an appliance, such as a mixer. POISONING Definition: Poisoning: Ingesting hazardous chemicals. Prevention: o 1. Keep hazardous chemicals locked up.

o 2. Store chemicals in original containers. o First Aid- take the bottle when you call poison control and follow their directions. CHOKING Definition: Something lodged in your throat- prevents you from breathing. Prevention: o 1. Chew food thoroughly

o 2. Stay seated while eating o First Aid- Heimlich maneuver FILL IN THE BLANK QUIZ One way to prevent falls is to keep floors clean and ________ . To prevent burns, use oven ________ when you handle hot pans. You can help prevent cuts if you always cut things on a cutting ________ . To prevent strains, always use a ________ to carry heavy things in the kitchen.

To help prevent a shock do not play with any _________ when you are cleaning an appliance.

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