Kiwi-W consortium establishment briefing Kiwi-W consortium establishment preparati on committee Aisin AW Co., Ltd. Increment P Ltd. Xanavi Informatics Corporation Zenrin Co., Ltd. DENSO CORPORATION. Honda Motor co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Toyota Mapmaster Inc. 1 2 Prehistory of Kiwi format (1)

Feb 1992 : ISO/TC204/WG3 started May 1995 : SWG3.2 meeting (Sydney conference) had been held. The discussion about the standardization of disk format h ad been started. This association was named Kiwi Sep 1996 : Kiwi committee started 17 companies related to car navigation systems participated. The study of the Kiwi format had been started. Jan 1997 : Kiwi Ver1.0 had been completed 3 Prehistory of Kiwi format (2) Dec 1997 : Kiwi Ver1.1 had been completed

Ver.1 .1 to ISO had been submitted, and presented in IS O Kobe conference Jun 1998 : Kiwi Ver1.1 had been Published and disclosed Test CDs were made and evaluated Mar 1999 : Kiwi Ver1.21 had been completed May 2000 : Kiwi Ver1.22 had been completed Items had been added in correspondance with the requir ement of EU/US 4 Conventional map database structure Database structure which depends on the requirement of the Application Program The real world

Map display Data Positional reference Data Route planning Data Refer to data. (1) Application(1) (map display) Refer to data. (2) Application(2) (positional calculation)

Refer to data. (n) Application(n) (recommended route planning) System control program 5 Data base structure of Kiwi format The real world is described by information related to the shape of the object, the attribute, and the connection (phase) etc. The real world Standard data format for data exchange Shape data

Relation of connection Attribute data Common data reference program Application(1) Application(2) Application(n) 6 Feature of Kiwi data format Description of the real world

It describes three dimensional information It has capability of dealing with the time base data Compression of data size It describes road data by multi link expression Faster data reference It divides the space by rectangle and by arbitrary sized area. It has layered structure 7 Feature of Kiwi format Retention of extendibility It gives the extendibility to basic data. It manages information by the number and the data size of the element. Controlls expantion area with the bit flags.

Extention of applied field It has four-dimensional data structure of general Geogra phical Information System 8 Basic function realized with Kiwi format Map display Location Route planning Route guidance Index Search Address search POI search 9

Kiwi-W consortium Aims at the achievement of the inter-operability of the map disks with the use of Kiwi-W format. Defines necessary regulations, and discloses official information. Supports practical use. Accelerates the spread of Navigation systems in each country by defining the standard for the world. Nonprofit organization Activity

We issue and disclose the format specifications and the operation regulations to use the Kiwi-W disk. We certificate and the manage the produced Kiwi-W disk. We disclose official information on Web site. We work with related organization including the ISO/TC204/WG3/SWG3.2 We propagate Kiwi-W format over related enterprises. 1 0

1 1 Document Format specifications Basic chapter The part submitted to ISO is disclosed free of cost Kiwi format specifications Expanded chapter Kiwi-W format specifications Operation rules of the format Operation guideline For limited

members For limited members Kiwi format specifications Basic chapter Submitted to ISO (=Ver1.22 / current) Contents Chapter 1 Sentence rule Chapter 2 Data composition in media Chapter 33 Image data frame Chapter 34 Voice data frame Disclosed free of cost.

1 2 Kiwi-W format specifications Expanded chapter Defines expanded function which is not defined in basic chapter Defines format of each function on Index search Contents Chapter 51 The actually Index searth Chapter 60 Reference Disclosed only to the members.

1 3 Operation guideline Secures the inter-operability of data. Defines the storage method and the restrictions of each segment of data. Preset value and explanation (In Japan and foreign countries) Preset value (min & max) Operation guideline Regulations 1 4 Certification

Each management company confirms the inter-operability of proposed disk. Each management company brings forward the disk to secretariat with confirmation result. The secretariat gives and manages certification number to the applicant. The information of the certification will be disclosed on the Web site. 1 5 Member regulations and fee Qualification for members Corporation or any division in corporation

An individual honored member can join if there is approval of the management company Segment of members Management companies General member Start of recruiting new members April, 2001 Annual membership fee Management company \1,000,000 or $10,000 General member \500,000 or $5,000 1 6 Organization Board member Chairman

Represents and generalizes Kiwi-W consortium Manager Manages Kiwi-W consortium Examines and produces the specifications Plans and executes the commission Inspector Secretariat Discloses the information Certificates and manages the disk 1 7 The schedule of 2001 activity April:

Recruit new members. Hold the organization meeting May: Hold the briefing in South Korea August: Hold the briefing in Europe October: Publicity work in ITS World Conference 1 8 Establishment originator Establishment preparation committee

Aisin AW Co., Ltd. Increment P Ltd. Xanavi Informatics Corporation Zenrin Co., Ltd. DENSO CORPORATION. Honda Motor co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Toyota Mapmaster Inc. 1 9 Web site

Kiwi-W consortium Web site URL Inquiries Toyota mapmaster Inc.. 7F Sumitomo-Seimei building, 2-14-19, Meieki-minami, Nakam ura-ku, Nagoya, Japan Zip code: 450-0003 PREPAIRED: Hamada and Fukumizu Mail:[email protected] 2 0

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