Landforms - Laurel County

Landforms Mrs. Cook Landforms

Features on Earths surface, such as mountains, valleys, and plateaus. Volcano

An opening in Earths surface through which gases and lava escape from Earths interior. Island

A body of land surrounded by water. Strait A narrow strip of water connecting two large bodies of water.

River Mouth The place where a river flows into a lake or an ocean.

Sea Level The level of the oceans surface, used as a reference point when measuring heights and depths on Earths surface.

Cape A pointed piece of land extending into an ocean or a lake. Bay

Part of an ocean or a lake partially enclosed by land. Harbor A sheltered area of water, deep enough for docking ships.

Marsh A soft, wet, low-lying, grassy area located between water and dry land.

Delta A triangular area of land formed from deposits at the mouth of a river.

Flood Plain Flat land alongside a river, formed by mud and silt deposited by floods.

Swamp An area of land that is saturated by water.

Butte A raised, flat area of land with steep sides, smaller than a mesa.

Oasis A spot of fertile land in a desert, supplied with water by a well of spring.

Desert A dry area where few plants grow. Mountain

A natural elevation of Earths surface with steep sides, higher than a hill. Prairie

A large, level area of grassland with few or no trees. Mesa A wide, flat topped mountain with steep sides larger than a

butte. Steppe A wide, treeless plain.

Valley Low land between hills or mountains.

Glacier A large ice mass that moves slowly down a mountain or over land.

Cataract A large, powerful waterfall. Canyon

A deep, narrow valley with steep sides. Cliff The steep, almost vertical edge of a hill, mountain, or plain.

Plateau A broad, flat area of land higher than the surrounding land.

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