Lead-ins for Quotations in a Paragraph. - LPS

Lead-ins for Quotations in a Paragraph. - LPS

Embedding Quotations in a Sentence Each piece of quoted material in a paragraph must have a

transition that gives the context and background Embedding quotations using transition helps quoted material

flow naturally and coherently into your paragraph. Example (transition is in bold): While traveling on a bus, the author is

Heart-filled, head-filled with glee (2). When written properly, the reader should not be able to hear where the

quotation marks are when the sentence is read A properly embedded quotation creates a seamless

transition from the background information to the quoted When done poorly, the transition is

choppy, incomplete, and predictable. Poor example: This is shown by And he was no whit bigger (6).

The prior example does not make sense when read aloud. Every sentence in a paragraph must make sense, regardless of whether or not it

contains quoted material. You may need to change words within your quote so that the sentence is

grammatically correct and is coherent. When changing words in a sentence indicate the change by

placing brackets [ ] around the change in the word or the changed word. To omit words in the middle of a

long quote, use ellipses () Example: The other boy called me brat. / [] Thats all that I remember (8-12).

Notice, anytime you change or add something in a quote, you must use a bracket to indicate your change. In this case, the original

lines were omitted and were represented Those lines were omitted because the purpose was to show the event and the consequence.

How to create a good transition into a quotation: 1) give background and context for all

quoted material -- what is happening, who is speaking 2) only use the most important part of the

quote (for a short paper, ideally less than 10 words) 3) read your sentence aloud--can you

hear the quotation marks? You shouldnt. tense if necessary, and omit

unnecessary words and phrases; use ellipses and brackets to

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