Lesson 17: Mood/Tone, CQC Practice - Avon Schools

Lesson 17: Mood/Tone, CQC Practice - Avon Schools

Have all film notes out Lesson 17: Mood/Tone, CQC Practice Identify and classify types of mood and tone in writing and in film Practice analytical paragraph writing with cinematic techniques and mood/tone

Redefine: mood + tone Connotations: Positive, Neutral, Negative Difference between mood and tone? Worksheet: Identify tone and mood in the passages provided, and identify the context clues (textual evidence) that help you choose the appropriate descriptions 1. Bouncing into the room, she lit up the vicinity with a joyous glow on her face as she told about her fianc and their wedding plans.

2. Tone 3. Context Clues 4. Mood Class List: Mood and Tone in Burtons Films 1. Think about some of the scenes weve viewed in class, or youve seen at home. 2. On your paper, write a 2-3 sentence summary of what happened in the scene. 3. Identify the overall mood in that scene, using our new list of descriptors to help guide you

4. (remember: happy and sad are feeble words, and we need to eradicate them from our vocabulary ) 5. Identify a subject in the scene (person, object, place) What is Burtons tone (attitude) toward the subject? 6. Repeat with a different film! Share Out Add buzz moods/tones to the list, and write the example around the word on the butcher paper lists CQC Practice: Mood and Tone

Film title Cinematic technique Tim Burton, in ___________________, uses _______________________________ to establish ____________________________. For example, ___________________________ Mood/tone: specify ________________________________________________________________________________. [Two-three sentences of commentary to explain how the cinematic technique highlights the creation of mood/tone in your specified example] [A sentence to summarize the paragraph and bring your commentary to a close]

With your essays, however Youll need to provide a second example within the paragraph from another film CQCQCC Writing Stems: Burton also create (mood/tone) in (film title). (Mood/tone) is also created through (cinematic technique) in (film title). (Cinematic technique) aids in (mood/tone) in anothers of Burtons films, (title). Play around with the way you word/phrase your sentences what I provide is just a model, not a rule!

With your shoulder partner Practice writing a CQC paragraph together with a new mood or tone, using examples from the films viewed in class. Try to add another QC from a second film to fully support your paragraph

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