Lesson 4 Read.ppt

Lesson 4 Read.ppt

Leadership & Management Reading for Lesson 4: Leadership in Organizations Reading Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. The student will comprehend the personal characteristics associated with effective leaders. The student will know the five sources of power and how each causes different subordinate behavior. The student will comprehend the leader behavior of initiating structure and consideration and when they should be used. The student will comprehend Hersey and Blanchard's

situational theory and its application to subordinate participation. The student will comprehend the path-goal model of leadership. Discussion Objectives 1. 2. 3.

Demonstrate how the five bases of power are manifest in behavior Relate Hersey and Blanchards Situational Theory to the personnel and organization of a Navy warship Discuss personal traits that are useful to a leader and determine if these traits are more valuable in some situations than in others Personal Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Physical Activity Energy Social background Mobility Personal Characteristics of Effective Leaders Intelligence and ability

Judgment, decisiveness Knowledge Fluency of Speech Personal Characteristics of Effective Leaders Personality Alertness Originality, creativity Personal integrity, ethical conduct

Self-confidence Personal Characteristics of Effective Leaders Work-related Achievement drive, desire to excel Drive for responsibility Responsibility in pursuit of goals Task orientation

Personal Characteristics of Effective Leaders Social Ability to enlist cooperation Cooperativeness Popularity, prestige Sociability, interpersonal skills Social participation Tact, diplomacy

Sources of Power Legitimate Reward Coercive Expert Referent Leadership Behaviors Consideration Considerate of subordinates

Respects their ideas Mutual Trust Initiating Structure Give Instructions Spend time planning Emphasize deadlines Schedule work activities. Hersey and Blanchards

Situational Theory Subordinates vary in their readiness level. Low task readiness: Limited skill Lack of training Insecurity High task readiness: Ability Skill

Confidence Willingness to work Hersey and Blanchards Situational Theory Adopt a style appropriate to your subordinates. Low level of task readiness: Tell them what to do How to do it

When to do it High level of task readiness: Provide general goals Delegate sufficient authority to do the task Expect followers to complete the task as they see fit Path Goal Theory The leader tries to increase subordinates motivation to attain personal and organizational goals.

Path Goal Theory Contingencies Leader behavior (style) Supportive Directive Participative Achievement-oriented Path Goal Theory

Contingencies Situational Contingencies Characteristics of the workers Work environment Use of rewards Clarify the path to the rewards Increase the rewards

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