Lesson One - Province of Manitoba

Lesson One - Province of Manitoba

Confined Space-Hazards and Risk Assessment Lesson 9 Confined Space What is a confined space? Any space not intended for continuous worker occupancy. Any space which has a limited or restricted way of entry or exit.

Any space in which there is a chance that normal levels of oxygen may be reduced, or some toxic or explosive gases may be accumulated or released. Any space where there is the presence of mechanical hazards. Lesson 9 Learning Activity #9.1 Slides #1 - #4 2

Some examples of confined spaces are: Holding Tank Empty Water Well Septic Tank Culvert Grain Bin Tanker Trailer 3 What are the two types of hazardous

conditions while working in confined spaces? Physical Conditions: Space is tight. Should an injury occur, it may be difficult to get out Light may be limited Surfaces may be uneven or slippery There may be machinery or moving parts within the confined Biological (Atmospheric) Conditions: Lack of air movement in confined spaces may cause unsafe proportions of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases, vapours and dust particles

Germs in sewer; pit work (excavations); mould in tanks 4 DVD/Video Steves Story CBC I-Team Report: Power Vac 1996 Lesson 9 Learning Activity #9.2 Slides #6 - #13

5 What is the preparation needed for confined space work? Identify confined spaces Determine the hazards Determine the equipment required to perform work safely Establish control procedures to ensure all necessary protection is operational in use Be familiar with all relevant standards and regulatory requirements Ensure that you are trained for this work

Ensure that there are rescue procedures in place 6 Spot the Hazards Uneven surfaces, wet or sloping sides Moving machinery or equipment

Material that could fall or suddenly move into or over the area Limited oxygen Vapours or gases which are toxic or flammable 7 Assess the Risks 1. Training 2. Equipment 3. Ventilation and air supply

4. Emergency plan 8 1. Training Assess whether you have been trained to do that kind of work and use the necessary equipment. Think about who did the training. 9

2. Equipment Determine whether equipment is appropriate and available to test, and continuously monitor the atmosphere in the confined space. 10 3. Ventilation and Air supply Identify whether the space can be ventilated continuously

Find out whether a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) or Supplied Airline Respirator is available for workers to use Check to see if the air supply equipment is regularly maintained 11 4. Emergency Plan Ensure that there is a communication system between the watch person and confined worker as well as the

emergency response personnel Make sure that retrieval equipment is available and on site Find out what the detailed emergency plan is and who the emergency contacts are 12 FIND A SAFER WAY EVERYDAY! 13

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